Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mom's Night Out

Me and two friends went to go see Mom's Night Out. It was a good movie. Very true words were spoken in the movie.

Mother hood is a hard job, but you doing a good job.

You need to be who God made you to be, God will do the rest.

Those were the two lines that stuck out to me. As Mom's (either bio, adoptive or step) we need to tell the other mothers out there that we know frequently. We need to be other mom's biggest cheerleaders. Some Mom's don't have husbands to be their cheer leaders.

Mom's we need to not be so hard on our selves and we need to not be so hard on others. When mom's are judgmental regarding other mom's and their lives we slowly kill mom's from exactly what God created them to be.

We as women can be very judgmental towards other people, not just other women. I know that I have had a hard time not being judgmental of mom's and how they handle their kids. I also don't know the back story of how the children have acted not just that day but maybe the week leading up to the moment that I see. We also don't know what the mom is going through.

All I am saying is lets be just a little kinder to mom's you see that may have just snapped at their child, ask them if you can help in anyway.

Most people are not used to being asked if they need help so don't be surprised if the response is a little bit of disbelief.

Sad that we would be suspicious of help but we are. Maybe we can change that.