Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Our Five year anniversary is on Friday, October 9, We celebrated early by going out to dinner last night at the Coach House. This was a very special night. I had mentioned going somewhere for date night /anniversary night, but could not decide on a place. I finally text Matt and tell him I don't care where we go or what we do just as long as we are together. Well I get home and he tells me to get ready that we have some place to go. Instead of asking questions (like we all know I usually would have) I just got ready and we went.

He drove us straight to the Coach House. We had a great quiet dinner, loved every minute with him. We got deserts (one for him and one for me, of course we shared) They had written Happy Anniversay on the plate in chocolate. It was great.

As we are sitting there getting ready to start eating, he looks around and says that something is missing. I look at him like he has lost his mind, nothing was missing on the table. Well after he said that he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a box. That sneaky man went and bought me a gift. I was beyond surprised.

I opened the box and there was a very pretty silver bracelet with a sapphire heart attached.

Needless to say I LOVE IT!!!! My husband has such good taste in jewlery.

It was all in all a great evening. I can not wait to celebrate Oodles and OOdles of more anniversaries with him.

Ladies Retreat

I was given the opportunity to join the women's retreat from Council Road at the Sullivant Center out in Norman.

I was not planning on going because of homework and I am kinda a homebody. I like to be with Matt.

Let me tell you it was with much anxiety and coaxing from Matt that I went.

I am so glad I did. Not only did I have a night that was eye opening but it was strangely relaxing being away from the house. (The guys had a night just to themselves).(They need that just as much as I do).

One thing that me being there afforded me was the realiziation that I hate Matt's disability. I deal with it because I love him and God brought us together, and that is my duty as his wife. But I had realized that ever since all this started (around April of 2005) I had not "dealt" with this disability, and I was mad at God.

As I was listening to the testimony of a very dear woman, I realized that she had felt the same way I had felt back then and even to this day. Alone, unloved, uncared for, This realization makes me cry as I type this because I know that is not true. It is a ploy of satan to get us to take our focus off of Him who matters most. I am truly saddened to say that this took me 4 1/2 years to figure out. Still not quite over it, but really who does get over the fact that her 39 year old husband is physically not the man she married almost 5 years ago. Does that mean I love him any less. No. I love him more today than the day I married him. I have never been more blessed than to be his wife. People might find that strange just becuase they see him having difficulty and they probably want to give us pity. Not the right reaction. God is letting us deal with this for a specific reason. Just not sure what that reason is right now. You never know it could be a ministry opportunity later on.

So needless to say the retreat was right where God wanted me. It was time for me to deal with my feelings regarding this. I have been a happier person since then. I know that God is in control and I don't feel that I am alone anymore, because I have openend my heart and mind and I am trying to embrace this season of life that I am in even though it is very hard. I know God can and will bring me through this life lesson with many things to share.


A Lot has been going on since I wrote last. Some of it sad other stuff not so sad and some stuff super.

I am praying for Angelea. She has put her self in a tough position right now and she is running from those that can give her sound adivce. I guess this is one of those learning seasons for her. I hope and pray she learns quickly and moves on. I know God knew she was going to take this path I have to keep remembering that even though it is hard. I also have to remember that even if I don't exactly know how to pray for her or what to specifically pray for I know that God knows the best for her. I leave her to Him.

Zion has been dealing with a lot of stuff right now which in turn means that we all have been dealing with stuff right now. Lots of things going on in his brain that I am just not sure about. I am praying for him as well. I am praying that I can be the person in his life that God needs me to be for his sake.

Matt has been dealing with migraines very badly. September 27 turned out to be a pretty bad weekend day. It was Sunday and it was day three of a migraine. That day turned ended up with us in the ER treating Matt's migraine because we had no more of his meds and could not get any until his next appointment,,,,In november. We eventually got some medication. He had a procedure the next day to possibly help with his migraines. Since that procedure he has had a migraine but we think it was from the super weather front that moved in last weekend. He hasn't had one since then. He has another procedure the 12 to do the same thing to the other side of his neck. Hopefully with the grace of God this will curb some of the if not most of the migraines.

That in itself would be a blessing.

I have embarked on an undertaking called Scentsy. I love these candles and I don't say that about much. (I am kinda picky)..I am praying that I will succeed in this little side business. There are many goals that I want for this business but first and foremost I want to use what I do for the good of the kingdom. I know that God will direct where I can help.