Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008 Proverbs 30

vs 4. This totaly describes Jesus (God). It is so awesome to see sections of scripture that are totally about Jesus way before He came to earth as a human.

Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29, 2008 Proverbs 29

vs 17 You know we have disciplined our son and he does not give us rest. Maybe this verse means later on in life.

vs 23 Great verse to remember. Sometimes it is hard to forget that pride is something that we all should have but it should not rule over us. "One's pride brings him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor." Oh to obtain honor.

December 28, 2008 Proverbs 28

vs 14. the first part of this verse is great. A wonderful promise to hold to. But also the second part is a great warning to us as well.

vs 26 I would love to walk in wisdom. I know there is a way and God will lead.

December 27, 2008 Proverbs 27

vs 1 We should all remember to only look for today we are not guaranteed anything else.

December 26, 2008 Proverbs 26

This chapter was about fools and sluggards. Makes you really ponder if you are either.

My goal should be to not be a fool or a sluggard. How do you determine if you are a fool. Sluggard should be easy to figure out too. Both could be difficult to figure out.

December 25, 2008 Proverbs 25

Yes I know it is late posting on here but I did write it down in my notebook.

vs 6-7 I think these verses are important no matter who you are dealing with. You should always strive to make others feel greater than yourself.

vs 11 I want to have that wisdom to know when it is fitting to open my mouth and speak.

vs 24 I strive, or should strive to not be a quarrelsome wife. I think this would take prayer and definite leading from the Lord.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 24, 2008 Proverbs 24

vs 10. "If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength!"...... This is so true. We should never rely on our own strength. It will come up short everytime. Thank goodness we have Jesus' strength to lean on or we would never make it.

vs26. I am not sure about this verse. "An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." Sometimes an honest answer is not as welcome as a kiss on the lips. Sometimes honest answers are hard to hear.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23, 2008 Proverbs 23

vs 4 and 5 are very pertinent especially in this culture. If we wear our selves out trying to get rich we can not enjoy the people we encounter on the way. Money should help us live, we should not live to get money.

vs 12 is important for us all to remember. We need to be always turning our heart to instruction (God's) and turning our ears to words of knowledge. Not everyone that speaks is speaking truth or intelligently.

vs 13 and 14 It is important to discipline a child. It will only hurt their feelings for a minute. It will not bruise their character. It will build their character. Parents are not called to be their childrens friends while we are raising them. Friendship comes after they have grown up and gone out on their own.

The word of God is wonderful. There are some parts that may not make sense one day and register something deep the next. I love that.

Praying for friends and family this Holy Day season.

Hope you do the same.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Proverbs 22 (December 22 2008)

These are just thoughts that stood out as I read through Proverbs 22.

vs 1 this is so hard to remember especially in our culture now, where money rules, you can be as dishonest as you want as long as you make money at it. That is not how God sees it. He would rather you have a good name than be wealthy.

vs 2 is something we all need to remember. God made us all whether we have money or we don't have money.

vs 6 I have always had a problem with this verse, mainly becuase I have seen people that were brought up correctly do some very horrible things to family, and on the flipside there are people that were brought up in a horrible home with no positive influence and are doing the things God would have them do. I need to study this verse and its implications more.

vs 8 is something I have to remember when dealing with family situations. It just seems easier to lash out at someone who has hurt you instead of taking the high road and letting God deal with the person who has dealt the offense. So out of my nature but something that I have found is very rewarding.

vs 24-25. I have always been insecure about friendships. I look around and see that other people are going and doing things with their friends and I look around and really feel like I don't have anyone around me. These verses may be the reason for that. I used to be hot tempered all the time. I still am but I have learned to control it. There are still things that get under my skin very quickly and I am learning more each day to control the way I react to people and situations. It definitley is a growing process. Not something that happens over night.

I am thankful for my husband who can tell me if I am being unreasonable. There are times that I don't want to hear it but I know I do have to hear it. I am thankful for my church. They have been a growing point for me. I have had to learn to be quiet more and listen more and be more patient a whole lot more. My perception of things has changed quite a bit since we have joined forces with Crosstown. I thank God for the leading to go the direction of Crosstown. I am not sure where I would be right now if we had not joined up and wanted to help make Crosstown what God would like it to be.

I am thankful for family even though we are not talking to all of our family right now. I still love them and wish them the best in all they do and all that God leads them to and through.


As we head into the Christmas season I have had to really look at how I view Christmas.

Looking into that was not pleasant because I was not viewing Christmas with the right eyes.

After realizing this I have vowed to view Christmas (and the holidays or holy days as they started out being) as they should be viewed, through Christ and with joy no matter what the external situations are around me.

External shoudl usually never affect the internal because Christ is the internal.

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

Friday, December 5, 2008

I LOVE MY HUSBAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jael Judges 4-5

Jael killed a man and was praised for it by the Israelites.

Deborah, the judge of Israel, praised her for killing Sisera, the general of the enemy army. When Jael killed the general a prophecy was fullfilled that said the battle would be won by a woman.

Seems cruel and un womanly like, but when the occasion arises and a woman has to do the hard job, the job gets done whether it seems harsh or not.

Jael played a huge part in the defeat of the army against Israel. I wonder what prompted her to kill Sisera. Was it just because her ancestors were in-laws of Moses. Did she know the Israelite Lord and want to serve Him?

All kinds of questions.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deborah Questions

Question 1. Describe what you think conditions might have been like for a family in Israel at this time. Judges 4:1-3

Well I would say it was hard and evil. The people of that time did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. Kinda like life in The United States. People are always doing things they know are wrong and then when something like a natural disaster happens people (mainly people who don't know God) scream out where was God when this happened. God never leaves his throne, but after a while he does give us unto our sin. Several times in history His people have done what was evil in His sight and they have reaped the consequences of their decisions.

2. Judges 4:1-3 How do I think Iwould have reacted to such conditions?

Like the Israelites?

Like Deborah?

I think I would have cried out to the Lord. I am crying out to the Lord. Probably not as much as I should or for the right things, but that is where He comes in and gives me the desires of my heart and makes my will align with His will. But just crying out to the Lord is not enough. We have to listen to His answer and act on His answer, do what He says, not just react like a spoiled child. But we will react to His word instead of acting on His word. And God knows that and just like any other good Father he gives us a second chance to make the right decision. But not after punishment first. The punishment does not have to be supernatural, it could be a natural consequence of a bad decision, but we have to live with it because we chose to take matters into our own hands and not listen to what God told us to do. His way is always perfect. Maybe not the easiest task but always perfect.

3. Judges 4:4-8 What was Barak afraid of?
Barak was probably afraid of fighting and facing those chariots. I know I would be.

Why would having Deborah along alleviate those fears?
Well I would think that since Deborah knew of the plans of the military and what God had told Barak would happen. I think that Barak thought of Deborah as kind of a security blanket. You know have the one that God favors with you and maybe God's favor will be mandatory. Even though God had already told Barak that the Israelites were going to win. What did Barak have to worry about. Honestly nothing. He just had to believe what God told him and act on it. So easy to say and so hard to actually do. I am so thankful that God understands that and He loves me and holds my hand along the way, and when I mess up He just picks me up and sets me down and sends me on my way again. Thank you Jesus for loving me enough to let me make mistakes and learn from them and hopefully move forward and not make those same old mistakes over and over again.

4. Judges 4:4-8 Which of Deborah's characteristics would you most like to have? What would you do if you had that characteristic? What can you do to develop that characteristic?

Deborah was wise. I think I would love to have wisdom. Well for one thing if I had wisdom I probably not make the same stupid mistakes that I make now. I would know exactly what to say and when to say it. ( a problem I have now, talking when I should be quiet). Developing that characteristic comes from God. Developing wisdom first comes from praying to God and asking. But also asking with the right heart set. If I am asking for wisdom so I can have people look at me and say wow how smart is she. then that is the wrong reason to get wisdom. If I am asking for wisdom becuase having wisdom will bring me closer to the Lord. then that is the right reason to ask for it.

5. Judges 4:9-10 How do you think the Israelite men felt about the honor for this victory going to Deborah and Jael?
Well, the men were probably jealous that they were not getting the honor and probably a little perturbed becuase women could not fight in the military so how could they get the honor when they would not even fight. It was probably even more humbling because there were at least 10,000 men going out and one woman was going to get the glory of this victory. I bet there were 10,000 egos that were bruised.

6. Judges 4:9-10 When a woman succeeds today, what are the reactions of the men around her?

The reactions of the men around her will probably vary depending on the relationship between that woman and that man. If the woman beat out the man for the successfull position then the man will probably be kinda bitter and angry that he did not get chosen but she did.

If the man was not turned down for the same position as the woman and is now considered and "equal" with the woman, at least in the business sense then I guess the reaction would be congratulatory.

Then there are always those men that think women should be at home and nothing will make them happy but living in the 1950's. I think now a days that view is a personal one and should be treated as such. If a woman feels called to stay at home then her and her husband should pray about it and agree. If a woman feels like her place is working out side of the home again her and her husband should pray about it and agree.

7. Judges 5:7 What does Deborah call herself in this verse? What does this tell you about Deborah?

Deborah calls herself a mother in Israel. Deborah's first calling was to be a mother. Her other calling was to be a judge in Israel. I think she stepped up to the position as judge because no man would. I say that because I do not think that God would have blessed her in the way that He did if He did not call her to that position.

Deborah was not focused on her success outside of the home. Her main concern was for her children and her family. If she raised good children then her legacy continued. Although we remember her for her job as judge. Which is typical of us. Focus on the worldly accomplishment.

8. Judges 5:7 What lesson for my own life can I gain from this verse.

I need to focus on what God has called me to in this life. I need to be aware of God's calling on my life. I need to not be scared to step up and be successful as long as God is the center of my focus. As long as my focus is on God and how my success can bring Him glory then I will be successful at least in the eyes of God. And that should be all that matters.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deborah 11-18-08

Deborah described herself as a mother in Israel. She had an important job of judge but a mother was what she chose to describe herself as.

How can I be the best mother in the situation that I am in?

Who could I be a mother figure to?

Where can God use this specific blessing in my life?



Her story is found in Judges 4-5

Deborah cam around 200 years after Jericho fell.

Deborah was married had a family, and was a career woman. How exactly did she balance it all. Especially when the culture pretty much had the woman at home taking care of things.

What could I learn from Deborah.

How to be away from the house and family and still be a productive career woman.

God's direction from prayer and reading his word is the key.


This post is way overdue.

I read about Rahab.

I learned that her name meant storm, arrogance, broad and spacious. I found this interesting because she was a prostitute.

Her story is found in Joshua 2:1-21, and 6:17-25
Matthew 1:5
Hebrews 11:31
James 2:25

Rahab lived in Jericho. She saw the Israelites march around the city. She had faith that she and her family would be saved.

Walls are a sign of strength and protection around a city.

God wants to be our wall to protect us from outside invaders. God's wall around us is stronger than any wall that any man could build. God's walls are inpenetrable by the enemy but inviting to a brother or sister in Christ.

Rahab feared the Lord. She, along with everyone else in Jericho, had heard of the feats of God that accompanied the Israelites. She helped out the spies. She asked for favor of God to spare her life and the lives of her family. The spies promised but only if they stayed in the house. So that makes me wonder, when the walls of Jericho fell was Rahab's house the only section that stayed erect.

See always more questions.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Husband Rocks

My Husband Rocks because He supports me in any decision that I want to do. He is also my voice of reason when an "opportunity" comes up that is not the best decision.

Thanks Honey.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Miriam Sister of Moses and Aaron

Exodus 2:1-10 Miriam "watched" over her brother. I wonder if the daughter of the Pharoah thought it was weird that there just happened to be a Hebrew girl right there to help. I wonder if Miriam was scared to approach the Pharoah's daughter.

She must have been an independent child.

Exodus 15:20-21 Miriam was the first prophetess listed in the Bible. I wonder what implications that meant. Did God speak to her like He spoke to Moses and Aaron. Did the people listen to her? She must have been a respected leader among the women or the women would not have followed her into the streets playing tambourines and dancing.

She is only listed as Aarons sister, why wansn't Moses listed? Did they not consider Him a brother because he was not raised with them but in the court of the Pharoah?

Numbers 12:1-15 Miriam obviously had a problem because of Moses' wife, the cushite woman, it was so much of an issue it is mentioned twice in the same verse. She also seemed jealous of the relationship Moses had with God. Miriam was talked to by God but Moses had a very nearly face to face meeting with God and lived.

When the Lord called them out and scolded Aaron and Miriam, it was just like a father scolding siblings. Miriam got the brunt end of it. When the cloud of God lifted from the three (Moses, Aaron, and Miriam), Miriam had leprosy. God was punishing her for (I think) her selfishness and pride and spoiledness. Moses and Aaron plead with God to heal her, God "banished" Miriam from camp for seven days. After that she was healed and allowed back in to the camp.
I wonder what went through her mind during that week of solitude. I bet she watched her mouth and her attitude after that.

I thank God that He does not do that to his children now when we start acting like that. There would be a lot of leprous people walking around.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finding my place

Ok so last week was kinda rough for me. I had been dealing with issues about my place in this family. Long story and something I really do not care to rehash again. So I was doing my devotions last week on the mother's (yes plural) of Moses. Some questions arose. One why am I reading this becasue technically I am not a mom and, unless God changes both Matt and My mind, I never will be a biological mom. I digress. I had a hard time reading this weeks devotion because I felt like it did not apply to me (again long story) so I wonder How Moses felt when he found out that he really had a different mom than the pharoahs daughter.

Then I was reading this morning in church that Jochebed (Moses' biological Mom) was his "nursemaid" for him until he grew up. So how old was he when he grew up.

Did he learn Hebrew and then have to learn Egyptian when he got to Pharoah's court to be taught as a prince.

Every time I read God's word I always have more questions.

Still trying to find my place.

Focusing on being my husbands wife. It is the only constant.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Potipher's Wife

You have got to love the women in the Bible that all you know about them is who they were married to.

This woman was classic. She was the epitome of women using their womanly wiles to try to get what she wanted.

She wanted Joseph. The handsome Hebrew slave.

Joesph was the one she wanted because He did not want Her.

That really got under Potipher's wifes skin.

She really did not like the fact that Joseph rejected her. So she told on Him. She was a tatlle tale. (Don't we teach our children not to tattle???) Anyway, she could not get Joseph to do what she would like him to do so when he ran and left his cloak in her clutches she called rape. She was totally a liar.

There is not much else to say about Potipher's wife except that she did not get her way so she decided to pout and make someone else pay for her trying to be unfaithful to her husband.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So this past week I was reading about Tamar. Her life, what we know of it, was a very interesting one. Tamar was married to Judah's oldest son. God saw that the oldest son was wicked so God killed him. So after that the culture said that the next son was to carry on the line of the husband that passed away. Well the second son did not want to do that so when Tamar and the second son had sex he "spilled his seed" on the ground. That is wicked in the Lords eyes so the Lord killed him too. Then Tamar was supposed to be given in marriage to the third son when he became of age. So Judah sent Tamar back to her father's house to live until the third son became of age to marry. So Tamar went back to her father's house and lived dressed in widow's clothes.

In this time frame Judah's wife had passed Judah went through his time of mourning and then procedeed to bring his sheep to the shearers. Tamar heard about this and also heard that the third son was of age to marry, and Judah had not sent for her.

So Tamar dressed in clothes that covered her face, and made her look like a shrine prostitute. She stopped Judah, who wanted to have blessing on his crops and flocks, and in that culture having sex with a shrine prostitute made the men feel like they are going to be blessed by the gods. This just shows that the peoples faith was not in the One True God but in many gods. So if one did not answer your prayer then you would have the "assurity" that one of them would.

So Tamar got pregnant by Judah, all to secure a son for her first dead husband, and she got items of Judah's that would not be mistaken for any one else's items. After she got those items she went back to her father's house and changed back into her widows garments. When Judah found out that Tamar was pregnant he wanted her killed. So to ensure her life she sent word and items to Judah and told him that I am pregnant by the person that owns these.

At once Judah knew hat Tamar had doen a more righteous thing than he had done by with holding his third son from her.

So now my question is. Why did Tamar not get punished by doing something that was morally against God. I was wondering what I was supposed to learn from this story. At first glance it almost looks like if some one else wrongs you it is ok to take matters into your own hands. But if you are taking matters into your own hands how is that relying on God and waiting on Him and His plan.

Can't wait to see what I will learn from the next woman from the Bible.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So I have been reading about Rachel and Leah. The devotional book I am reading puts them in that order. Rachel was the youngest daughter of Laban, Leah the older. Jacob met up with Rachel at a well close to her house when she came out to water her father's flocks. He was so smitten with her that he came up and kissed her and decided right then that he was going to marry her. (should have checked with her father first). Laban liked the idea of giving his daughter to a kinsman, but the culture in that time was that the older daughter married first.

So here comes the deceit on the deceiver. Laban promised to give Jacob Rachel after 7 years of service. Which he did, he just gave him Leah first.

Jacob did not love Leah, did not want to be married to Leah, he only wanted Rachel.

Thank goodness there is only one wife per husband in this culture.

Reading about the sisters, and last Wednesday we talked about watching our words and this started me thinking about what comes out of my mouth and what comes out of others mouths.

It also started me thinking about what kind of words would have been exchanged between Leah and Rachel. Rachel had the love of her husband and she knew it. There are times recorded in scripture where you can tell the words that were recorded between Rachel and Leah were probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Instead of Rachel empowering her sister and using the power of her husbands love to make her sister feel loved she used it to push a wedge between herself and her sister.

Rachel had the love of her husband but no children. Leah did not have the love of her husband but gave her husband 6 sons and a daughter.

The sisters were using what the other did not have to make the other sister jealous. I am not sure if Leah was doing it at first to make her sister jealous or to grab some love from her husband. In the scripture after the first son was born it was recorded that Leah said maybe my husband will love me know that I have given him a son. It did not work.

Jacob ended up living with Leah longer than Rachel. Rachel died in childbirth with Benjamin, Leah lived on to see Benjamin and Joseph grow up.

Our words are powerful. We need to make sure that we lift others up instead of tear them down.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bible Study

So I have this women of the Bible devotional book and I love it.

I have learned so much about God and his grace towards us.

This past week I was reading about Rebekah.

There are lots of similarites between Rebekah and Sarah.

For instance
They both married close relatives..... yes I know icky now but totally acceptable back then (not sure why it was acceptable then???)
They were both barren for a period of time in their marriage. Rebekah's barrenness was only for 20 years. Sarah's was much longer.
They both had a promise from God and instead of waiting on God to fulfill his promise they decided to stick their grubby little hands all in it and make it happen themselves before God's timing. This ends up being a HUGE problem in both of their lives. For Sarah it was having a child born to her maidservent that she had to watch grow up and get married and prosper all while not having the promised son. For Rebekah it was taking it upon her self to fulfill God's promise of the older serving the younger. She coerced her younger son Jacob to trick his father into believing he was Esau to get his blessing. Bad move on Rebekah's part. Once she did that Jacob had to leave because Esau was so mad at his brother (and not his mother) that he wanted to kill his brother (potentially another Cain and Abel incident) so Rebekah sent him away and never saw her youngest son again. Jacob was her favorite son (also something parents should not do........... have favorites, never a good idea.) Esau, Jacob and Isaac knew it.

God however, blesses his children repeatedly unlike in the times of Isaac and Abraham the father of the family only had a blessing for the oldest son. The other children just did not get blessed in that way.

Thank goodness God blesses his children over and over and over and over. Even though we don't deserve it and we stick our grubby little hands into everything God wants to bless us in.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I read about Lot's wife in the Bible but learned more about God's amazing grace and love for his children.

In the story God sent two angels to tell Abraham what they were going to do to the cities of the valley (Sodom and Gommorah) (Bad places). When Abraham found out he bargained with God to spare the city for several amounts of people all the way down to ten.

Well when the angels went to the city and met Lot at the gate and Lot insisted that they stay with him that night, because he knew what the men of the city were like. ( I wonder if they treated Lot that way when he first came to the city) Questions always more questions.

Ok sorry rabbit trail. So when I was reading this and the angels told Lot and his wife and his two daughters and the men that they were pleged to (from the city) ..... the math reveals only 6 people in the city that could have qualified in Abrahams bargaining with God.....

But the great thing about God is that even though the only conversation to Abraham was about saving the city God saved Lot and his family (except for the whole pillar of salt thing) (that is another blog). So even though the bargain that God made with Abraham did not get fulfilled becuase Sodom and Gomorrah were so wicked God still saved his children.

He did not have to warn Lot and his wife and daughters. The angels did not have to drag them out of town. They could have left them in the town to die with the others. But because God loves his children and knew the heart of all the people in the city he spared Lot and his family.

Once the family got to a certain distance away from the cities then God's wrath fell on the very wicked cities.

I am thankfull that God is willing to drag me out of places. But I am also thankfull that God is willing to let me suffer in certain places for me to learn to lean on Him wholly

Isn't God good.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dr's Appointments.... Gotta Love 'Em

Ok So today we had a follow up appt with the shoulder dr that we were referred to.

And shock of all shock apparently nothing is wrong with Matt's shoulders. (Yeah right).

He now has to go to therapy 3 times a week for four weeks (more money) and then come back for a follow up appt with the shoulder dr, because the shoulder dr thinks the problem is stemming from Matt's neck.

Ok enough of that.

In my quiet time yesterday I read about Hagar. You know there was never an age given for Hagar. We don't know how old she was when she had Ishamel, or when she was banished when Ishmael was 16 or when she died. How sad to have the only thing remembered for was being the second wife of Abraham, being treated badly by Sarah and having Ishmael. But I guess we know about her becuase of those things. Reading about Hagar opened up more questions about Sarah.

When Ishamel was born Sarah was 76, Sarah had Isaac 22 years after Ishamel was born. How hard that must have been to have to see this boy that was supposed to "build her family" up but not the promised son grow, eventually marry and have children all before Sarah and Abraham had the blessing of the promised son.

This is just a small show of how God works. I honestly believe that Sarah and Abraham were not given the promised son until they were ready to raise him the way he should have been raised.

I would love to read a journal of Sarah's from the time that she heard the promise of a son that would lead to a nation to the time that she actually had Isaac and after. I would love to know how she handled the struggle of trust that the Lord would come through with his promise of a child. I would love to know if she was joyful, if she was happy, if her faith faltered at all. There is nothing about how she dealt with the "shame" of not having a child until very late in life.

It is amazing the type of questions that come up when you dive into God's word. Sometimes they are questions that will never be answered but they are more to get you thinking so you can maybe move forward in your own journey. God does answer our questions we just need to be bold enough to ask Him and to be open for His answer.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

1 Samuel 18

It is amazing how God's word works.

I had such a hard time last night being home by myself. I shouldn't have, because I am a big girl, but the more I thought about it even when I was single I was never really alone. I was either working two jobs or always with the singles group from church or with some friends from a Bible study I was going to. So me being alone, even for a few hours, at my house is new. And apparently I don't deal with being alone well.

This morning I read 1 Samuel 18, this chapter dealt with Sauls jealousy of David. Everything that
Saul had David do he excelled in. God had already anoited David king, Saul knew that, but apparently did not want to accept it. Saul tried to pin David to a wall several times with a spear while David played for him. (Saul had problems) But David just persevered and kept his eyes on God and what God had planned for his life.

I remember one thing from the life of David. He spent a lot of time by himself in the pastures tending the flocks praying/singing, and praising God. Now David did get discouraged because of Sauls behavior but he bounced back and basically got over the fact that Saul was treating him that way. But I think David also realized that God was not with Saul so how else was he supposed to act.

When you stop focusing on God and his plan for your life and start focusing on others and comparing yourself to them and their accomplishements to yours then jealousy will creep in and when jealousy is there God can not be there fully.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Judges 9

Judges 9 was interesting this morning. I had read it for the fact that it contained the word joy in one of the verses. But what I got out of it was not joy.

I got out of Judges 9 the fact that if you want staus or power you need to rely on God. If you do not rely on God you will step on or get rid of people that you should not step on or get rid of.

In the case of Abimilech he killed 69 of his 70 brothers. That last brother spoke against him to the people and the people listened to the remaining brother. The citizens eventually killed Abimilech because he took the kingship by force.

Abimilech was run through by a servant because he did not want to die because of the millstone that some woman dropped from a tower that hit him on the head and cracked his skull.

I told my accountability partner today that you need to rely on God for whatever status or power you want to obtain or you just might get a millstone dropped on your head.

I think I would rather wait on God and get his perfect timing for my promotion than to take it by force or by my own power and have something tragic befall me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Deuteronomy 28

Today was hard to read. Deuteronomy 28 was about blessing and cursing those who obey and disobey God.

I say it was hard to read because there was more curses listed than blessing.

I know we all like to focus on the good of God, but if we don't embrace the punishment that God will bestow on us if we disobey him then we are missing a huge chunk of who God is.

God is our Father and he wants the best for us, and sometimes the best for us is a spanking.
Yes God wants to bless us but he can not bless us if we do not obey him, and if we only get blessing then we start taking it for granted. I for one do not want to take God or his blessing for granted, but I also do not want to get punished.

So after reading this (which goes along with the sermon series at church..... meditating on sin?..)
I am going to try to be more conscious of obeying God

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deuteronomy 16

Today I read Deuteronomy 16.

The text was talking about the feasts... passover, feast of weeks etc... but there was one little phrase in every paragraph about the feasts..... each feast was to be done in a place where God chose, or where he tells you.

That really stuck out to me. It is not about what or where we want to be. It is all about where God wants us. Things will always be right when God tells you where to go,

This is an eye opening experience for me especially since one of my biggest questions to God is "where do you want me and my family?" ..... I have to just realize that when I need to know that information God will tell me.

So hard for someone to grasp when they want an ending to a plan so they know where they are going. That is where faith comes in.

The Israelites did not know where the feast were going to be held, and yet it seemed that they were ok with it.... at least this one time.....

These past few days have been awesome reading the scripture and really understanding something out of it and not reading it and then afterward wondering.... why did I read that. I don't think I understood anything that I read..

Reading something out of the Bible and actually gleaning something from it means that I am actually open to the Holy Spirit guiding me to have an open heart to learn what God would want me to learn from the passage.

That is an awesome feeling.

I hope everyone experiences that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leviticus 9

I am reading about Joy....

Didn't think joy was found in Leviticus well it was. After all of the offerings that Aaron did for the Lord on the Altar, Aaron and Moses went into the tent of the Meeting. When they came out the Lord was pleased with their offering and consumed the offerings in front of the Israelites. When the whole assembly saw this they fell on their faces and shouted with joy.

This make me think. If we saw something like that would we react that way, or would we just take it into stride like everything else that seems to happen that could have been a miracle of God.

I think we take the miracles of God for granted. Science has explained away so much that we can justify anything that happens instead of just showing thanks and joy to our Lord and Maker for showing us a small glimpse of his glory.

My prayer is that we all somehow see a glimpse of God's glory and recognize it as such. I believe it will bless our lives.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Genisis 31

When I read Genisis 31 this morning I was not expecting to get anything out of the story of Jacob fleeing Laban with everything the Lord had given him the 20 years that Jacob lived in Laban's household.

But I did.

Jacob was empowered by God's power. He had God's strength through what could have been a very difficult time and volitile situation with his father in law.

I saw (especially since I have had to deal with in laws this weekend) that if you are following God, and obeying his commands then His strength will be imparted to you.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Genisis 31 be pertinent to my life in this day and age. When I saw that through all of Jacobs "trials" and "tribulations" God blessed him and was with him every moment.

Very comforting.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here we go!!!

Ok so I have decided to blog along with a large percentage of the world it looks like. I figured why not it might be a good help to me to get things off of my chest with out having to actually talk to anyone about it. That way if they don't want to know that do not have to read it.

Logical huh.

This past week has been hard. I have had work. That is a blog in itself. The big issue was the doctor visit that we had with Matt. Dr. Carl told us that he wanted to send Matt to some specialists to see if there was something that could be done about his migraines, shoulder pain (possibly a torn rotator cuff), and to see if the pain that is hitting his major joints could be rheumatoid arthritis. The only thing frustrating about that is that a while back we had gone to a rheumatoligist and it took an entire day for absolutely no results. At that point he did not have rheumatoid arthritis. But with RA it can come up with no warning signs. Joy. Needless to say when we got home from the doctors appt I cried.... and cried... and then felt a little better. Kept repeating to my self Philippians 4:6-7 (core groupers should know this). It helped.

I am really thankfull that I am memorizing scripture. I am amazed at how much it has helped me in situations. (Thanks Ben).

Matt and I are a part of Crosstown. We love it. It is awesome knowing you are right where God wants you to be. How many people can say that. I think the kids enjoy it to. We have met some super people and had the chance to get to know better some other super people. I am fortunate to have all of these people in my life.

Today was good. (Sunday July 13)

32 people at church today. Great food Great fellowship.