Friday, July 18, 2008

Judges 9

Judges 9 was interesting this morning. I had read it for the fact that it contained the word joy in one of the verses. But what I got out of it was not joy.

I got out of Judges 9 the fact that if you want staus or power you need to rely on God. If you do not rely on God you will step on or get rid of people that you should not step on or get rid of.

In the case of Abimilech he killed 69 of his 70 brothers. That last brother spoke against him to the people and the people listened to the remaining brother. The citizens eventually killed Abimilech because he took the kingship by force.

Abimilech was run through by a servant because he did not want to die because of the millstone that some woman dropped from a tower that hit him on the head and cracked his skull.

I told my accountability partner today that you need to rely on God for whatever status or power you want to obtain or you just might get a millstone dropped on your head.

I think I would rather wait on God and get his perfect timing for my promotion than to take it by force or by my own power and have something tragic befall me.

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