Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Small Groups

Small Groups are a JOKE!!!! just saying

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So God is working on me and my selfishness . I got to walk around with my sister and shop for my nieces and nephews. She was blessed by a fifty Dollar gift card to the holiday store at Henderson Hills Baptist Church. Gina was able to get lots of stuff for her kids. She also has some friends that hither kids stuff and apparently went "overboard" on the gifts. This will just show the kids that they are loved. Gina is also being taken out to go shopping with that same friend. I am glad that Gina is being ministered to. Brings joy to my heart up know that people love her and are listening to God and blessing others that are connected to Gina.


So tonight I get to go shopping with my sister. She is a single mom who got blessed by a gift card from Henderson Hills Baptist Church. She is going to be able to purchase gifts for her four kiddos. She is very excited about this I am excited to go with her as well. It will be weird being with Gina without the four kids it will be much quieter tonight at least. I am going to have to BOOK IT to Henderson Hills Baptist Church, I am driving from Downtown OKC to Britton and May to drop Matt off at ZT's for the member event there and then I get to drive, but not speed, to I-35 to head north to this church. Just hope I wont be too late tonight.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Faith and growth.

Lately I have been feeling like my faith has not been strong and that I just can't not seem to grow in the Lord. It is very frustrating and very defeating.

My mind has been on eternity lately with the passing of my grandad and not knowing for sure if he was a believer. So I feel very bad for never asking either.

Trying to find my way is hard. Especially doing on my own.

Praying that I will be able to learn to grow in Christ, and to feel like I am worthy to grow in Christ, having other people believe that I can grow in Christ would be nice.

Those three people that never believed I could be on God's will keep coming to mind. I need to get that tape out and replace it with positive words of affirmation. Just not quite sure how to start doing that.

Maybe my grandmother has words of wisdom in her bible that she gave me.