Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Our Five year anniversary is on Friday, October 9, We celebrated early by going out to dinner last night at the Coach House. This was a very special night. I had mentioned going somewhere for date night /anniversary night, but could not decide on a place. I finally text Matt and tell him I don't care where we go or what we do just as long as we are together. Well I get home and he tells me to get ready that we have some place to go. Instead of asking questions (like we all know I usually would have) I just got ready and we went.

He drove us straight to the Coach House. We had a great quiet dinner, loved every minute with him. We got deserts (one for him and one for me, of course we shared) They had written Happy Anniversay on the plate in chocolate. It was great.

As we are sitting there getting ready to start eating, he looks around and says that something is missing. I look at him like he has lost his mind, nothing was missing on the table. Well after he said that he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a box. That sneaky man went and bought me a gift. I was beyond surprised.

I opened the box and there was a very pretty silver bracelet with a sapphire heart attached.

Needless to say I LOVE IT!!!! My husband has such good taste in jewlery.

It was all in all a great evening. I can not wait to celebrate Oodles and OOdles of more anniversaries with him.

Ladies Retreat

I was given the opportunity to join the women's retreat from Council Road at the Sullivant Center out in Norman.

I was not planning on going because of homework and I am kinda a homebody. I like to be with Matt.

Let me tell you it was with much anxiety and coaxing from Matt that I went.

I am so glad I did. Not only did I have a night that was eye opening but it was strangely relaxing being away from the house. (The guys had a night just to themselves).(They need that just as much as I do).

One thing that me being there afforded me was the realiziation that I hate Matt's disability. I deal with it because I love him and God brought us together, and that is my duty as his wife. But I had realized that ever since all this started (around April of 2005) I had not "dealt" with this disability, and I was mad at God.

As I was listening to the testimony of a very dear woman, I realized that she had felt the same way I had felt back then and even to this day. Alone, unloved, uncared for, This realization makes me cry as I type this because I know that is not true. It is a ploy of satan to get us to take our focus off of Him who matters most. I am truly saddened to say that this took me 4 1/2 years to figure out. Still not quite over it, but really who does get over the fact that her 39 year old husband is physically not the man she married almost 5 years ago. Does that mean I love him any less. No. I love him more today than the day I married him. I have never been more blessed than to be his wife. People might find that strange just becuase they see him having difficulty and they probably want to give us pity. Not the right reaction. God is letting us deal with this for a specific reason. Just not sure what that reason is right now. You never know it could be a ministry opportunity later on.

So needless to say the retreat was right where God wanted me. It was time for me to deal with my feelings regarding this. I have been a happier person since then. I know that God is in control and I don't feel that I am alone anymore, because I have openend my heart and mind and I am trying to embrace this season of life that I am in even though it is very hard. I know God can and will bring me through this life lesson with many things to share.


A Lot has been going on since I wrote last. Some of it sad other stuff not so sad and some stuff super.

I am praying for Angelea. She has put her self in a tough position right now and she is running from those that can give her sound adivce. I guess this is one of those learning seasons for her. I hope and pray she learns quickly and moves on. I know God knew she was going to take this path I have to keep remembering that even though it is hard. I also have to remember that even if I don't exactly know how to pray for her or what to specifically pray for I know that God knows the best for her. I leave her to Him.

Zion has been dealing with a lot of stuff right now which in turn means that we all have been dealing with stuff right now. Lots of things going on in his brain that I am just not sure about. I am praying for him as well. I am praying that I can be the person in his life that God needs me to be for his sake.

Matt has been dealing with migraines very badly. September 27 turned out to be a pretty bad weekend day. It was Sunday and it was day three of a migraine. That day turned ended up with us in the ER treating Matt's migraine because we had no more of his meds and could not get any until his next appointment,,,,In november. We eventually got some medication. He had a procedure the next day to possibly help with his migraines. Since that procedure he has had a migraine but we think it was from the super weather front that moved in last weekend. He hasn't had one since then. He has another procedure the 12 to do the same thing to the other side of his neck. Hopefully with the grace of God this will curb some of the if not most of the migraines.

That in itself would be a blessing.

I have embarked on an undertaking called Scentsy. I love these candles and I don't say that about much. (I am kinda picky)..I am praying that I will succeed in this little side business. There are many goals that I want for this business but first and foremost I want to use what I do for the good of the kingdom. I know that God will direct where I can help.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The daughter

She does not live with us anymore. She decided to move back to her mom's house.

Haven't talked to her since Thursday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the daughter

So the pregnancy scare has not dettered her from having sex. He mother wants to put her on the depo shot so she wont have to remember to take the pill. I want her to just show some self control and not have sex.

She has decided to move back in with us and I am not sure how I feel about that. She is 18 we can't ground her , or babysit her so how do we make sure that she does not do any more stupid stuff. Not sure. The only thing I can think of is to pray that God protects her and keeps her safe.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Have to vent for a minute about parents. And not just any parents. Parents that carry the child for 9 months (typically), have them in the same house as them and want to be their friend while they are growing up and then complaining how they turned out because they did not do what they needed to and that was being a parent.

Parents also do not tell their children that it is ok to have sex with just anyone just as long as you use protection. Yes folks you heard me right. That is some of the great advice that Angelea is getting from her "mom". Angelea is grounded right now, who grounds an 18 year old, for having unprotected sex. Her punishment she can not go anywhere, even over here if she so chooses, which she doesn't unless she needs something, and she has to watch her little 2 year old sister as punishment to make her learn the lesson of having a child.

sure hasn't helped the people that made the 2 year old learn.

The "mom" has changed her sercurity settings so that I can not see her profile anymore. Which means she is probably going to say horrible things about Matt and I. I had thought about posting a comment to my facebook page, hoping she would read it but that would not make me any better than her and what she has been doing and probably is doing.

I just hope that the "parents" grow up a little bit, stop trying to force Angelea to get on the depo shot, and making it seem like Angelea does not have the self control to not have sex.

It is funny that now this woman wants to be her parent. It is too late now. she should have started 18 years ago. Now she is set in her ways and will do what ever she wants because she can.

So frustrated.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

personal life

I hate to put this down especially in writing but I am having a hard time reading the Bible and praying. I am not sure exactly what the problem that I am having is but I am. I should say I am not doing it consistently.

The shocking news that we got on Sunday night made me realize that I don't do enough on my knees praying for my kids.

AG called on Sunday and told us in a voice mail that she had made a wrong decision and decided to have sex with a "man" and she thought that she was pregnant.

Husband took her to our family doctor to have tests run and Praise Jesus she was not. I feel like there was something more that I could have done. But I know from the time Husband and I got married I stressed to her saving herself until marriage. Apparently the urge was too strong for her.

Praying that she can control herself now until she gets married. That way she only has to tell her husband of one mistake not many.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday started the first week of the second of my last 5 classes and then I am graudated. NO MORE SCHOOL.

I am beyond excited. I can not wait for the day when I plan my evening around how much reading or if a paper is due.

I won't know what to do with myself. I know it will fly by.

I am learning a lot about my self lately, I truly believe it is a good thing.
Husband is having a sleep study done. Dr's think he might have sleep apnea. So I get to sleep alone tonight.

Not liking that idea..

He will be back after I am already at work tomorrow. This is a huge bummer. This will be only the third time that we have not slept in the same room/bed since we were married 4 1/2 years ago (almost 5).

Must do homework now. For the little time that I am up.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Couple of months

the last couple of months have been difficult for me.

AG turned 18, moved out, graduated from highschool, quit talking to us...Ex wife saying hurtful things on the internet about us (husband) trying to guide AG in this time of life. Ex wife says it was controlling... I have my own thoughts...gave those to God....He is the only one that needed to hear them....

Been praying a hedge of protection around AG this week..... On Sunday she had a post on facebook that stated that she wished that the advice and help she was getting was true. .....Scared me abit.....said a prayer and asked God to guide her in the right direction, and to be able to see false leading and guidance....hard for an 18 year old who does not truly know who she is yet....and especially being around people who seem to focus on themselves only....not what she needs to be learning especially now....

She has got some big decisions ahead of her....

We only have one child left in the house right now....and from the comment the ex wife made on Friday she thinks him being here is not good for him....that makes me sad because everything the husband does is for his kids....I believe she knows that...not sure why the hurtful thing was said for the whole world to about defamation of husbands character.....also a reflection on me .....she does not even know me...... Have to try not to let the flesh win on this one.....God knows the end and we will be vindicated it may not be here but someday she will have to account for every word that comes out of her mouth and every thought.....That is why I had to repent when I read that post.....

Been praying for that household..... been praying that someone will come along that they will listen to (that is not family) and that they will come to Jesus.... the only thing to do is pray....

New job is going wonderful... LOVE IT....

Need to remember to focus on the one living in this house and making his time here safe, God fearing, and memorable.... Not necessarily in that order.....I think he is stronger than AG, but I will start now with the hedge of protection around him.... he may get hit harder than AG, or at least in a different way...

Love my Husband..... God has blessed me with him.... Could not imagine where I would be right now if we had not listened to God and joined our lives together almost 5 years ago..... How fast those years have gone.....Looking forward to many more....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday March 27, 2009

So My mom called me on Wednesday afternoon to tell me that my Great Uncle Jim had passed away because of a stroke. My Great Aunt Louise and Uncle Jim had been married for like 62 years. That is a long time and almost unheard of in this day and age. I am so in awe of them.

My Uncle Jim was like 82 or 83, he had lived a full life. We will miss his smile and his quirky sense of humor.

My parents as of today have been married for 39 years. Again unheard of this day and age. They have had their hard times but have worked through and held on.

I am very thankful for my husband and my relationship with him. I am very honored that God brought him to me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday March 22 2009

This is the first full week without my cousin Shawn here on earth.

This past week has been full of emotions. I have cried way more than I ever would have wanted to.

I have looked inward way more than I wanted to. But God has also spoken to me. And He did it through my cousins funeral.

My cousin Shawn passed away on Saturday March 14 2009 from cancer. He fought a couragous battle. His wife and kids went through trials way bigger than we can think of.

Going to my cousins funeral was eye opening to how much I did not know about him or his family. That made me really sad. I learned more about Shawn in an hour and a half than the 32 years I had previously.

Something his brother and one of the partners at the law firm that he worked at said openend my eyes. Live your priorities.

So often we don't do that. We stay at work one more hour (which Shawn did not do, family came first), or we pass an opportunity to spend time with the kids (Shawn did not do that either, Him and his Daughter went to a daddy/daughter dance just a couple of months back, Shawn new that he was not going to make it much longer at that dance. Brad (the co-worker) said that Shawn and Madelyn danced all night and Shawn told Brad that the dance was his chance to dance with his daughter since he would miss the prom and her wedding.

So hard to hear but definitley needed. I know it opened my eyes, especially since we have been dealing with a 17 year old that has made life just more than a little frustrating. But after that I have to learn to let that go and love her beside the attitude she may give me or her daddy. I have to remember that God has her and I need to let go.

Going to funerals is never easy, but going to a funeral of a 38 year old man with a young family seems to be harder than going to a funeral for an older person (say in their 90's).

But God was not surprised by this. He knew exactly when Shawn would come home. He knew exactly when Lori (wife) would be "ready" to be with out him, at least until Heaven, He knew exactly when Madelyn and Blake would be able to understand and remember times with Him.

God is good even when we don't want to give people up God holds us up especially when we don't think we can hold ourselves up.

When God is all we have we realize that God is all we need.

As hard as it will be for Lori, Madelyn, Blake, My unlcle and aunt, and my other cousin (Dewey (this is a nickname, from Shawn,) his wife and three kids God will be there to comfort them in times of need, like Easter coming up. Or Madelyn's birthday the day after they buried her daddy. Christmas at Grandma's house (which was the last time I saw him, gave him lots of hugs glad I went this year) wedding anniversaries.

One thing that we can take from this is cherish every moment. Nothing is worth missing out on any thing because of pride or selfishness or just plain ignorance.

Live every moment to the full.

I know that I am going to try to be a better person, more calm, even tempered, leaning on God way more than I have been.

Saturday March 21, 2009 I read a CaringBridge update by Lori, a week after Shawn had passed, It made me cry, but also allowed me to see how I should react to situations that come my way that God orchestrated.

Blake got up on Friday and asked Lori how Daddy was. This caught Lori off guard, but she answered him and told him that Daddy was in Heaven with Jesus and He is fine now. No longer hurting or sick. Blake threw his arms up in the air and shouted "HOORAY!!!" "HOORAY!!!".

If we could just have that reaction everytime that God does something in our life whether good our bad.

Lessons are learned everywhere you look.

Shawn I will miss you. I love you, I am just sorry I never got the chance to tell you this side of the Jordan. I am proud to call you cousin. Can't wait to see you again.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


So I gave up facebook for lent. There are two ways to do lent. You can do it for 40 days with Sundays off or you can do it for 50 days not taking a break on Sundays. I had been doing it with no Sundays off up until today. I got on Facebook just to see if I had missed anything. I didn't. and I felt really bad. I think I will be off of it for the rest of Lent. I believe that it is important(at least for me) to take all of Lent off from what God had brought to mind for me to give up.

Today's 10 min on facebook really enforced in me a sense of obedience. God does not ask and expect us to partially obey He expects us to obey fully on every day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Exodus 17:1-7

Most of the time God's instructions are, at the time, wierd. In the beginning stages of the Israelites wandering they grumbled "at" Moses a second time, but in all reality the Israelites were grumbling against God. God was the one that brought the Israelites out of Egypt. This time they are grumbling about the fact that they have no water. We do the same thing, even when we see a miracle like the manna from Heaven every morning and for the extra provision on Saturday so no gathering was done on the Sabbath, and with the quail at the end of the day. God always provides exactly what we need when we need it.

Isn't God amazing.

The most difficult thing to hear from God is wait. I am going through that stage right now. With not having a job and dealing with some other situations in our family with decisions being made that don't look like the best decisions at the time. Being still and quiet and waiting on God is the most difficult thing I have to do. This is an important time for me in my life. Learning to wait on God's direction will get me in exactly the place I need to be for some situation that I do not know is coming. Understanding that the more time I spend in prayer and in the word will prepare me for that surprise (at least to me) in my life.

I thank God for this time of waiting. I pray that I can learn from this time and not get to frustrated about the waiting that is happening.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Has anyone ever noticed that the wilderness that the children of Israel wandered for fourty years (because of disobedience) was called the wilderness of sin. Irony.... I don't think so. I think it was deliberate because God knew exactly how the Israel people (and us) would act and the choices that they would make.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009 Proverbs 22

vs 2. This should be how we live. "The rich and the poor meet together, the Lord is the maker of them all." When we all get it into our head we will be one step closer to this verse.

vs. 6 is a verse that is used all of the time with parents. Especially when parents are having trouble with their children.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009 Proverbs 21

vs 1 we can substitute our name in for the word "kings". God controls our path whether we think He does or not.

vs 13. this is a good verse but how can you really tell if the voice is of a poor person or someone who just wants more stuff.

vs 23 it is really hard to keep our mouth shut someof the time. Sometimes my mouth gets away from me, and my brain catches up way after the words have escaped.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Genisis 14

In the days of King Amraphel, Arioch, Chedorlaomer, and Tidal they waged war with Kings Bera, Birsha, Shinab, Shember and Bela(That is Zoar).

The Valley of Siddim is the Salt Sea.

Twelve years Chederlaomer was served, the thirteenth year there was rebellion. In the fourteenth year Chederlaomer defeated the people that were rebellious.

It is amazing the amount of detail that is given in this chapter about the valley where Soddom and Gomorrah. It had Bitumen pits (not sure what those are). Some of the kings of Gomorrah fell into the pits. others fled to the hill country.

Lot was also taken from Soddom with all of his possesions.

Those that escaped came to Abram and told him what had happened.

Abram was blessed by Melchizedek. A priest of the God most high)

Abram gave Mechizedek a tenth of everything. The king of soddom wanted to give Abram things, Abram told him no, be did not want the king of Soddom to be able to say that he had made Abram wealthy, so Abram went away with nothing but his nephew and the possesions that went with Lot.

January 20, 2009 Proverbs 20

vs 11 is so true. Children are always trying to make their way and make themselves known in society, school, church, and in the family. Sometimes the view of what the parents are doing is skewed in their brain thinking that they aren't making their own decisions. It takes some convincing that they really are being allowed to make their own decisions.

vs 22. This is a good verse we need to remember that paying back evil for evil is not what God calls us to do.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Genesis 13

Abram, his wife, and Lot went up From Egypt into the Negeb.

Abram was very rich in livestock, silver and in gold. Abram journeyed on from the Negeb as far as Bethel, between Bethel and AI. He traveled to the place where he first built an altar to the Lord.

Lot had flocks and herds and tents.

At this point Abram and Lot seperated because both of the families could not live in the same place

Abram let Lot choose which way that he would like to go. Abram ws the elder in the family at that time. Abram could have chosen and Lot would have to go where was left. Lot chose the valley where Sodom and Gomorrah was. Abram went toward Mamre.

January 19, 2009 Proverbs 19

vs 1 This is a great verse. If we all lived with integrity we would be living better.

vs 23 "The fear of the Lord leads to life and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Genisis 12

The Lord called Abram, to leave his family and his fathers house to a land that will be shown to him.

vs4. Abram went. That is awesome.

When Abram left he was 75, he took his wife Sarai and his Nephew Lot. he was probably not supposed to bring Lot.

After Abram went through the country of the Cannanites the Lord came to him and told Abram that God would give this land to Abrams decendants.

The land that the Lord promised to Abrams offspring was not the place God was taking Abram to. After that he traveled on to the Negeb.

Abram and Sarai went to Egypt.

The first lie. Sarai was probably around 65 at this time and still considered absolutely beautiful. So Sarai was asked to lie about her full relationship with Abram. Abram asked her to say that she was his sister instead of his wife. The Pharoah took Sarai into his household and dealt wealth to Abram. Then the Lord sent plauges on the Pharoahs house hold. (the first time Egypt was plauged by God because of his people). Then the pharoah told Abram to get out because he was unhappy that Abram had lied to him.

January 18, 2009 Proverbs 18

vs 1 I will have to remember this when I want to hide. Hiding not good sometimes.

vs 10. The Lord is portrayed as many things, all consuming fire, strong tower. those two things could not be more different but describe the same great God.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Genisis 11

The whole earth had one language and the same words.

Which way did the people migrate from the east.

vs 5 Was God physically visible, when he came down to see the city and the tower. At that time God revealed to us that at that point that what they can get done because of the language that they had. So God confused the language, and the people were dispersed at that point.

When Shem was 100 years old, he fathered Arpachshad two years after the flood. After Shem lived after he fathered Arpachshad 500 years and had other sons and daughters.

Arpachshad had lived 35 years and fathered Shelah.
Arpachshad lived 403 years.

Shelah had lived 30 years and fathered Eber.
Shelah lived 403 years.

Eber lived 34 years and fathered Peleg
Eber lived 430 years.

Peleg lived 30 years and fathered Reu.
Peleg 209 years.

Reu lived 32 years and fathered Serug.
Rue lived 207 years.

Serug lived 30 years and fathered Nahor.
Serug lived 200 years.

Nahor lived 20 years and fathered Terah.
Nahor lived 119 years.

Terah had lived 70 years and fathered Abram, Nahor and Haran.
Haran fathered Lot.
Haran died before his father died. Abram and Nahor took wives.
The name of Abrams wife was Sarai
The name of Nahors wife was Milcah
the daughter of Milcah and Iscah.

The days of Terah was 205 years old.

January 17, 2009 Proverbs 17

vs 9 all of these types of verses hit me with the situation that is going on. I just pray that I can cover wrongs and seek love.

vs 17 a friend does love at all times even when the recipient does nto.

vs22 how I long to always have a joyful heart despite my circumstances.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Genisis 10

Nations decsended from Noah

Generations of Noah, Shem , Ham and Japheth (why do they list the youngest son in the middle?)

The sons of Japheth (middle)
Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and tiras.
The sons of Gomer
Ashkenaz, riphath, togarmah.
The sons of Javan
Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim and Dodanim

From those the coastland peoples spread, with their own language, in their own clans in their nations.

The sons of Ham(youngest)
Cush, Egypt, Put, and Cannan
The sons of Cush
Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabteca. Cush fathered Nimrod. He was a mighty man(the first on earth). He was a mighty hunter before the Lord.
The beginning of Nimrod's kingdom was Babel, Erech, Accad and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. From the land he went into Assyria dn built Nineveh, Rehoboth-Ir, Calah and Resen (between Nineveh and Calah)
The sons of Egypt
Ludim, Anamim, Lahabim, Naphtuhim, Pathrusim, Casluhim (the Philistines came from him), and Caphtorim.
The sons of Cannan
Sidon and Heth, The Jebusites, Amorites, Girgashites, Hivites, the Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, Zemarites and the Hamathites. Afterward (not sure what it was after) the clans of the Cannanites were dispersed. The territory of the Cannanites extedned from Sidon in the direction of Gerar as far as Gaza and in the direction of Sodom, gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim, as far as Lasha.

The sons of Shem (oldest brother)
Eber is listed "To Shem also the father of all the children of Eber, the elder brother of Japheth, children were born." totally confused by this? Elam, Asshur, Arpachshad, Lud and Aram
The sons of Aram
Uz, Hul, Gether, and Mash
The sons of Arpachshad
The sons of Shelah
The sons of Eber
Peleg ( for his days on the earth were divided) and Joktan
The sons of Joktan
Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, Hodoram, Uzal, diklah, Obal, Abimael, Sheba, Ophir, Havilah, and Jobab. Their territoryexteded from mesha in the direction of Sephar to the hill country of the east.

The sons of Shelah

January 16, 2009 Proverbs 16

vs 1 says the plans of the heart belong to man. but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.
I want my plans to be given of God not of my own heart.
I pray that any answer that I give would be from the Lord.

vs 2 All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirit.
I really can't see how all the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, what about the ones that do wrong like murder or stealing. Do they think that what they are doing is pure at the time in their own eyes or do they know that they are doing wrong. Maybe if the people that did wrong intentionally all the time believed that the Lord weighs the spirit maybe that would make them want to do things that pleases the Lord so their spirit is clear. I know that is my prayer.

vs 3 is something that I have to remember when I start working again. I need to make sure that everything that I do is commited to the Lord and God will establish my plans.

vs 4. My friend on facebook yesterday had updated her status to say pretty much the first part of the verse. She is so right.

vs 7 I would love to see this actually worked out. My husband and I truly believe that what we are doing pleases the Lord, our plans seem to have created enemies mostly in family. So I am not sure what to think about this one. Maybe them not believing that my husband and I could ever be in God's will would be the reason why they seem like enemies now.

vs 9 . the heart of of man plans his way but the Lord establishes his steps.
I am so thankful that God establishes our step

vs 25 must have been important for us to know because this is the second time a verse similar to that has been in this chapter.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Genisis 9

What a way to start a new journey. "And God blessed Noah and his sons". That must have been a great feeling. God told Noah that animals were ok to eat. I wonder if they were eating meat before the flood? God did make a stipulation to eating animals. He did say that you are to not eat its blood. the blood is the life source of any animal. The blood is God's becasue He gives life. The covenant that God made with Noah is all things that God only is able to do and uphold. There is no way that Noah can fail at this covenant there is nothing for him to uphold.

Deceendants of Noah

Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Ham was the father of Cannan

From these people the whole earth was poplulated.

Noah began a vineyard. This became a problem for him because he drank to much of his wine and got drunk. After He got drunk Noah laid uncovered in his tent and Ham saw his nakedness, and then told his brothers. Shem and Japheth walked in backwards with a covering over their shoulders in order to cover up their father.

Ham was the youngest son of Noah (vs 24)

vs 25 Why did Noah say "Cursed be Cannan." was he born yet? or did he just make up this name.
He blessed Shem and Japheth and said that Cannan would be their servant

After the flood Noah lived 350 years.
Noah lived 950 years and then he died.

January 15, 2009 Proverbs 15

vs 1. "A soft word turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." I have seen this verse work. Now if I can just get my mouth to join in. That would be great.

vs 13, I can see this, Does it even work when that person that is glad of heart does not smile all the time. ??

vs 22. This is also true. The more advice you get the more you cna make an informed decision. But if you do not have anyone's advice you may not know all of the sides of the "story".

vs 33 "The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom and humility comes before honor"
To the world this may be a strange verse because the world wants honor not humility. I would much rather have humility first and honor second. Humility honors the Lord. Honor honors the human. We should all have fear for the Lord so that we can gain instruction from the Lord.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Genisis 8

Vs. 1 Makes me think that whoever wrote this book thought that they were forgotten in the Ark. Why else would they start this chapter out with " And God remembered Noah..." Maybe it wasn't Moses that wrote the first five books maybe it was Noah, or maybe the first five books had more than one writer. This we will never know.

When I first read about the raven being let out of the ark and it not coming back I was confused about why it did not come back to the ark. Then I remember reading or hearing someone say that ravens are scavengers so the raven probably found all kinds of dead carcases floating on the surface of the water. This raven ate like a king per se, no matter how gross we think it was. That is why Noah then sent out a dove. If the dove does not have a place to "set his foot" he will come back to where he knows a place to live is.

Pretty amazing how god creates animals and humans to react out of instinct.

vs 13. Noah and his family and all the animals were in the Ark for at least a year maybe just over. It was the 601 year, first month, on the first day of the month the waters were subsided. Can you imagine being cooped up in a boat with no windows for over a year with all kinds of animals. I could not imagine it at all.

In the second month of the 601rst year, on the 27th day the earth dried out. Then God told Noah to take his family and the animals out of the Ark. God commanded all of the living creatures to scatter and multiply to fill the earth. In verse 19 everything was sent out by families. Family is used to describe the animals as well the humans on the Ark. That is pretty cool.

God's covenant with Noah.

Noah built an altar to the Lord and sacrificed to the Lord. When God smelled the pleasing aroma of the burnt offering He said in his heart (which had to be told to whoever wrote this book because we can not read God's mind) that he would never again curse the ground because of Man, even though the intention of man's heart is evil from his youth. The Lord would never again strike down every living thing as He had done with the Flood.

People could take this verse and use it to question tsunamis that wipe out cultures and sections of the world and say that God did not keep his promise, but God always keeps his promise, just because one place was wiped clean by the tsunmi does not mean that all living creatures were wiped out. God always keeps his promises. Whether we believe it, or feel like a promise was not kept, it is our perception that makes us think that God did not keep his promise. I pray that I can keep my perception clear to understand that God keeps His promises.

January 14, 2009 Proverbs 14

vs. 1 "The wisest woman builds her house. but follywith her own hands tears it down."

My prayer is that I am a wise woman who builds her house. Only God can grant wisdom. I pray I am sensitive to His leading.

vs. 12 "There is a waythat seems right to a man but its end is the way to death."

This verse is scarry. Because it makes you think that eveything that seems right to you could lead to death. Oh my goodness it makes me worry that some of the things that I felt that God was leading me in may have just been my feeling that it felt right. This definitley needs more prayer.

Father I pray that you open my heart and make me sensitive to your leading in what ever direction you would have me and my family go. Give me the strength to carry through with that.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Genisis 7

God told Noah to go into the Ark with his family because he was found righteous by God.

God told him to take 7 pairs of the clean animals and the birds, to enusre they can flourish on the earth. But only two of the unclean.

Noah was 600 years oldwhen the flood waters came on the earth. Which means that his sons were 100 years old. (can you imagine a 100 year old now doing the kind of physical labor that is required to build a massive boat.)

It is very specific when the flood started. It was in Noah's 600 year, second month, and 17th day. The rain fell on the earth for 40 days and nights.

The Lord shut the door of the ark when Noah and his family and the animals were in safely.

vs 19 the water rose so that all the high mountains were covered. That is a lot of rain. I could not imagine that much water at one time all over the earth. The water covered the mountains 15 cubits deep. A cubit is about 18 inches so that is 25 feet of water. O My goodness. That is a lot of water.

It is listed that all the creatures died but the things that lived in the water nothing is mentioned of them. I would assume that after the flood some of them died because they would not be in the water but why weren't they even mentioned. The water stayed on the earth for 150 days. That is a long time to be in a boat on lots of water.

January 13, 2009 Proverbs 13

vs 24. Ask kids about this verse and they would probably want to not be disciplined. Although we all know it is for their own good.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Genisis 6

The time of Noah....

vs 2 has always been questioned.
Who exactly were the sons of God and the daughters of men?

vs 3 God set the years a man should live to be 120 years. This is way below what men were living to at that time.

vs 4 What exactly were the Nephilim?
This is also a verse that baffles scholars. We may never know this side of Heaven.

Every thought of man (of his heart) was wicked.

God was going to kill every man on the face of the Earth. But Noah found favor in God's eyes.

Noah and the flood

God told Noah to make an ark out of gopher wood. (Would love to know what wood that is comparable to now.) make it 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits tall.

God established a covenant with Noah. The people in the Ark were Noah and his wife, three sons; Shem, Ham, and Japeth and their wives.

Noah was commanded to bring in two of every animal and to store up food for them and the animals.

Vs 22. Noah did this, he did all that the Lord commanded him.

If we could all be so faithfull.

January 12, 2009 Proverbs 12

vs 4 Lord Please help me be an excellent wife. I would love to be the crown of my husband.

vs 25 I have definitley felt how anxiety can weigh a person down expecially this week. A big change in our life will and can cause anxiety. The good word will have to come from God.

Genisis 5

Adam's decendants to Noah

Adam lived 930 years from the creation of him to his death.

We don't know how old Cain or Abel was when they died.

The geneaolgy starts with Seth. I wonder why Cain was not included?

Seth lived 912 years.
Enosh lived 905 years.
Kenan lived 910 years.
Mahalalel lived 895 years.
Jared lived 962 years.
Enoch lived 365 years and then God took him.
Methuselah lived 969 years.
Lamech lived 777 years.
Noah fathered Shem, Ham and Japheth after 500 years. (I am assuming they were triplets. First recorded set of mulitples in the Bible, I think.)

January 11, 2009 Proverbs 11

vs 14 How do I get that abundance of counselors. Every time I think I make fast friends of people they go away from me or are taken from me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Genisis 10 January 10, 2009

Cain and Abel. Wonder how long it was between the kicking out of the garden and when Adam and Eve bore Cain.

Abel was a herder and Cain was a farmer.

Vs 3. Is the statement of the first offering from humans to God. Having a detailed description of how they came to learn about the offerings would be great to know. Did God tell Adam or did God tell all the boys at one time so they could learn and obey?

Why exactly did God favor one sacrifice/ offering over the other one.

Vs. 9 total lie, Cain did know where Abel was. Why would he say to God 'Am I my brothers keeper". Very strange response when you know exactly what you have done.

vs 10. God gave Cain the opportunity to confess what he did and when he did not God called him out on it.

vs 13 God told Cain that he would be a fugitive and wander the earth. Could this be the beginning of the nomadic tribes? What was the mark on Cain. I can not wait until Heaven to get this question answered. This one among many.

Adam and Eve had another son that is recorded. Enoch.

Lamech was the first person to take two wives. At least the first recorded person to have two wives.

Adam and Eve had another son, Seth.

January 10, 2009 Proverbs 10

vs 12, I think frustration can also be used instead of hatred. Tonight was a perfect example of that. I have been frustrated all day today. Had to make a decision that the devil is trying to make me think was a bad one, and then my son, being a typical twelve year old was looking for something in the refrigerator and could not find it. When I go over to the fridge and pick it up he claimed it looked like something else, which it could not have. I was frustrated and it came out at him. Again I should have kept my mouth shut and everything would have been ok.

Just an example of how keeping the peace is the best way.

Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9, 2009 Genisis 3

The Fall.
I wonder how much time had elapsed between the forming of the woman and the serpent coming to her to deceive her and have her eat of the fruit???

The first three verses people have read over and over again. I have a problem with a talking snake, I know that the other animals did not talk, so this had to be an indwelling of satan in this snake. So know why a snake? Secondly, I have heard people say that the snake came to the woman because she was weak. I think he came to the woman because he knew that she could sway the man to do the wrong thing if the snake made her think that it was ok. God told the man all of the instructions. So the snake played off of the fact that the man told the woman and not God. Now the woman added things to the rules that God set down. I am wondering why she did that. That is just a reminder that I need to be careful not to add things to the word of God. His word is perfect there is no need to alter it at all.

vs 4 and 5. the serpent knew exactly what was meant by "you will surely die". If the man had not eaten of the fruit they would still be alive today and in perfect fellowship with God. The latter is one thing the devil does not want. He does not want us to be in perfect fellowship with God. I also believe that the death was immediate, at least spiritually. The instant the fruit was eaten there was a feeling of separation. That feeling was obviously foreign to the man and the woman and probably a bit scary.

So apparently when the fruit was eaten not only was the realization that they were naked instant but also the knowledge of how to make coverings for themselves.

Vs. 8 the first time God "entered" the scene after the fruit incident. Reading this before you are a parent and after you are a parent of a child old enough to do something wrong, get caught at it and make excuses, you get two different reactions to this. I know before I was a parent I read this and thought, why don't they just come clean, the truth is always the best way to go. After reading this I pretty much have the same reaction except that children never think they should get in trouble for their actions. It is always some one elses fault. Even if you see them do it they will try to blame it on someone else. I think that just like a parent God just shakes his head at us and says if you would just take responisbility for your actions things would go a bit easier. It is not that the punishment does not come, it is just less severe. (our children have not learned that yet).

Vs 9, cracks me up. God knew where they were. This is the question where the man can accept responsibility for his actions. He fails.

vs 10-13. don't get me wrong the explanations that the man and woman were correct. But both of them had brains and they were capable of using their brains. They only had one rule to follow and they broke it.

vs 15, another reference to Jesus. Love it.

vs 20, the man named his wife, did God name the man Adam? this is the first mention of a name for either one so far.

vs 21. Where there is sin a sacrifice has to be made. This is the first sacrifice in the Bible. After this Meat was allowed to be eaten. Before it was just vegetation and fruits.

vs 24. The cherubim must have been a sight. Why was the cherubim only placed at the east of the garden. Was there only one way in and one way out? The sword turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life. That would have been awesome to see as well.

The things we will understand and see and hear when we get to Heaven. First and foremost Jesus. Love it.

January 9, 2009 Proverbs 9

vs 10. Is a verse that needs to be put to memory.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowlege of the Holy One is insight.

Father, I pray that you would help me be a woman of wisdom and not a woman of folly. I pray that I live out vs 10 and have such a reverent fear of you that nothing in this world can bother me because I know that you are in charge of it all. I am in your hands and you will not let me fall.

I love you.



Even with the lay off, the never ending financial trouble we seem to be having and him going through major back surgery he still finds time to comfort me in my little break downs.

He is the best husband!


January 8 Genisis 2

Ok so I know I said in an earlier post that I would be going through the Bible in a wierd fashion but I realized that I probably needed to read it in order for some passages to even make sense to me. So last night I read Genisis 2.

It always amazed me that God rested on the 7th day. He did not need to rest and then I heard a pastor one day say that God rested on the 7th day for us to follow his example. Then it all clicked. I am not sure I have gotten that 7th day of rest down pat yet. Maybe that should be my new years resolution (usually don't make one) that one will be great for my body and emotions and soul and it is God honoring to boot.

Question? In chapter 1 man was created but vs 5 of ch 2 says that there was no man to work the ground. How is that possible.

Vs 23. Love it. I am one flesh with the man I love. The man that God brought to me. I am thankful for Matt.

January 8, 2008 Proverbs 8

Proverbs 8: 22-31- is a description of Christ. Just one of many old testament passages that describe Christ before he came as a flesh and blood human to give up his life for me on the cross.

I can never thank Him enough with words.

I love Him

Monday, January 5, 2009

Exodus 1

When Israel entered Egypt there were 70 of them, not counting Joseph and his Egyptian family.

Not exactly sure the time frame between verse 7 and verse 8 but apparently there was enough time that had elapsed that the people and the pharaoh did not know of Joseph or the things that he did for Egypt. This little piece of history could have saved the Israelites from a life of slavery, but as we learn in our society some of history is left out and we never learn from it.

The more the Israelites were oppressed the more they multiplied. God blessed them with families even in their tough time. Why, with all of the numbers of Israelites, did they allow themselves to be taken as slaves. They very easily could have overtaken the Egyptians. I know I know God had them right where He wanted them, but still looking back you wonder why they did not stick up for themselves. God would have used that too, Right????

I don't understand why they let the girls live and the boys they were to kill. If there were no girls there would not be any more Israelites eventually.

So sad that what we don't understand we fear. We think we would learn from reading history both Biblical and secular that we would get past that, but apparently not. We probably think that situations like that could not happen to us.

January 5, 2009 Proverbs 5

Warning against adultery.

I have always heard that if you think you are safe in your relationship then you probably arent. The worst thing you can say is it can never happen to me. To make sure that adultery or other things never happen to you is to be open to the fact that something could happen and you take precautions against it.

I had before I got married had it in my mind that I would not go to lunch with another man that was not a relative. Even if it was business. I would either have my husband there or a female coworker. Some people think that is going overboard, I would rather go overboard and do everything that I can to keep my marriage safe instead of thinking it could never happen to me and neglect the gift that God has given me and that is a loving husband and a great marriage.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Genisis 1

I am going to try something that came to mind. We will see how it works.

I am going to read the 1rst chapter of each book of the Bible and then move on to the second chapter and the third and so on.... You get the idea.

So Here we go.......

In verse two the earth was with out form and void and it was dark. The spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters. Maybe light was created first because darkness and God can not be in the same spot at the same time.

Day one: Day and night were created. Separation of the dark and the light.

Day two: God separated the waters into Heaven (or sky) and the waters under the expanse (what will eventually turn into the oceans or the seas and lakes). The whole earth was covered with water. No dry land appeared at this day.

Day three: God pulled all of the water together and called them seas, and the dry land appeared. God saw that it was good. After the earth was separated from the water God spoke into being vegetation, plants, and fruit trees. God saw that it was good.

Day four: Lights were put in the heavens to separate the day from then night. The lights were used for signs and seasons, and for days and years. (people could use this verse to validate astrology.... I would have to say the signs are different signs than astrology). God created a greater light (sun) and a lesser light (moon).

Day five: Creation of living creatures in the water, birds,

Day six: creation of livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth, according to their kind. Creation of "men" and men were given dominion over the fish, and the birds, and the livestock and every creeping thing on the earth. (This creation of man was before Adam and Eve in the garden. God told them to be fruitful and multiply. God created people to occupy the earth before he placed any one specifically to tend the garden. God Created Adam and Eve after the seventh day of rest. How cool is that). All the people and animals were given every green thing for food. Everything was very good on that day.

January 4, 2009 Proverbs 4

I can not believe it is 2009. Where did the year go. 2009 will be better than 2008. We start out the year with a lay off and a back surgery. During the middle of the year we will have a graduation (AG will graduate from high school). After Thanksgiving we will have another graduation to celebrate. I will graduate from college. I am so looking forward to that. So much to look forward to. I can't wait.

Proverbs 4

vs 26 and 27. "Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure. Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your foot away from evil."

This is great just because it is nice to know that we were instructed to stay to the path and our ways will be sure. It is sometimes so hard to turn your "foot" away from evil. Sometimes, evil is just inviting.

Gotta love things to work on.