Thursday, June 11, 2009

personal life

I hate to put this down especially in writing but I am having a hard time reading the Bible and praying. I am not sure exactly what the problem that I am having is but I am. I should say I am not doing it consistently.

The shocking news that we got on Sunday night made me realize that I don't do enough on my knees praying for my kids.

AG called on Sunday and told us in a voice mail that she had made a wrong decision and decided to have sex with a "man" and she thought that she was pregnant.

Husband took her to our family doctor to have tests run and Praise Jesus she was not. I feel like there was something more that I could have done. But I know from the time Husband and I got married I stressed to her saving herself until marriage. Apparently the urge was too strong for her.

Praying that she can control herself now until she gets married. That way she only has to tell her husband of one mistake not many.

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