Monday, June 15, 2009


Have to vent for a minute about parents. And not just any parents. Parents that carry the child for 9 months (typically), have them in the same house as them and want to be their friend while they are growing up and then complaining how they turned out because they did not do what they needed to and that was being a parent.

Parents also do not tell their children that it is ok to have sex with just anyone just as long as you use protection. Yes folks you heard me right. That is some of the great advice that Angelea is getting from her "mom". Angelea is grounded right now, who grounds an 18 year old, for having unprotected sex. Her punishment she can not go anywhere, even over here if she so chooses, which she doesn't unless she needs something, and she has to watch her little 2 year old sister as punishment to make her learn the lesson of having a child.

sure hasn't helped the people that made the 2 year old learn.

The "mom" has changed her sercurity settings so that I can not see her profile anymore. Which means she is probably going to say horrible things about Matt and I. I had thought about posting a comment to my facebook page, hoping she would read it but that would not make me any better than her and what she has been doing and probably is doing.

I just hope that the "parents" grow up a little bit, stop trying to force Angelea to get on the depo shot, and making it seem like Angelea does not have the self control to not have sex.

It is funny that now this woman wants to be her parent. It is too late now. she should have started 18 years ago. Now she is set in her ways and will do what ever she wants because she can.

So frustrated.

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