Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday 1/25/12

So my last post was about money and the opportunity that Z has been offered. Well we got another offer in Matt's email regarding Duke tip. This is an organization that Z has already had dealings with. This may be the opportunity God has for Z instead of the youth medicine forum.

I was also thinking we know physicians, maybe we should ask them if Z can shadow them?

So we all went to get our eyes checked yesterday (Tuesday 1/24/12), I can not imagine how much money my parents put out having three kids in glasses. Putting out almost $500 (with insurance people) for all three of us to get exams done and new glasses seems just super high. Thank God we had insurance or it would not have happened.

Going to the Wednesday night class that Pastor Rick is putting on, hopefully I am on time for it.

With me being out yesterday I probably should not have clocked out for lunch but I needed a break from work.

Thursday, January 19, 2012



Z has an incredible opporutnity to go to a youth leadership forum on medicine to let him see if the medical field is truly the field he would like to go into. Tried to register him for the week long forum in Houston the second week of July. Had to stop because we need to have $450.00 for a non refundable deposit in order to fulfill the registration.

Trying hard not to worry about the money. We really can't afford to lose $450 dollars to this if Z does not get to go. On the other hand I don't want to push this and by pass a potential closed door to this opportunity and maybe an even better opportunity that God has for Him. Unfortunately with the fact that I am not exactly aware of when God is speaking to me (working on it) I don't know if it is truly God or just me using that as an excuse to not spend the $450.00. I don't want to limit Z's opportunites but I also don't want to ignore God's leading and do what we want to or what Z wants to.

My prayer is that Matt and I will be very aware of God's leading no matter how subtle in regards to this and that we do the right thing for and by Z.

Started the Pastor's new class on Wednesday night. I have a feeling that I am going to learn a lot. Bro Rick even gave us homework. Kindof excited for this homework. want to get a single subject note book to keep notes in, especially if homework is going to be an every week thing. It would be nice to keep all the things I learn in one place. You never know maybe I would be able to pass it down to children or grandchildren someday.

Still trying to get throught Jen Hatmakers book. So far pretty good. Cant wait to get to the questions in the back of the book. Have to get my self in gear and truly start studying God's word. Maybe if I spend time in God's word I would be able to hear Him more clearly especially his still small voice, which is usually how he communicates with us.

Time will only tell.

I have decided to start going to the gym on Sat and Sun while Matt is at work. Hopefully we can start going to the gym during the week as well. I need to start moving again. Since we pay for it might as well utilize the facility.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday that feels like Monday

So I was sick on Saturday Jan 14, I was also sick on Jan 7. I hope that this isnt a pattern.
Matt and I went to Big Church on Sunday. Came home, I took Z's to his mom's house, came home. Hung out at home waiting for Matt to get home from work. Took off work Monday, just to take an extra day to feel better. It worked. After noon Matt and I got out and went to Northpark Mall to get an item for him. Low and behold the place was closed so we went home. hung out for a bit, ate "lunch" and then went for a walk to my Mom's house. She lives 2.2 miles away from us. It was so pretty yesterday. So Matt and I took a leisurly walk to and from my Mom's house. My feet hurt so bad last night. My ankles hurt this morning. So far today I am ok. No weird pain in my feet or legs. I must be getting used to exercise. This is a good thing. I need to start going back to the gym, I figured I could go on Saturday and Sunday while Matt is at work. I may even take a class, not real sure just yet. But even getting off my hiney and walking for at least an hour will help me out tremendously.

I was talking to my Mom last night at her house and told her that I had been sick the past two Saturday's and she told me that I might be starting to have gallbladder issues. I don't want to have gallbladder issues. My mom had her gall bladder out at about my age. My aunt was even younger. GREAT!!!

Can I tell you that I don't handle pain well at all. If I have to have my gall bladder out I will probably drive Matt bonkers with my whining.

Hoping that this little pattern of being sick is over. Especially since there was no fever or anything. No reason for being sick.

Going to a swim meet tonight for Z and J, it starts at 4 so Matt and I will probably miss Z's first event. Hopefully that is all we will miss.

Today at work has been rough. It seems that everything I do is wrong or just not exactly how she (my boss) would like it. Not sure why I let this get to me.

Sometimes I wish that I played the Lottery so I could win Millions and work temp jobs with no pressure, travel, be there for my kids and husband, but since I am to cheap to play the lottery guess it is working for me.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bible study

Broke down and bought Jen Hatmakers book modern girls guide to bible study. Only on chapter three but hitting home.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New year

Second day of the new year and I really don't feel any different, maybe a little tired because I am apparently getting to old to stay up past my bedtime which as of late had been like 9 pm. I know sad huh. I have enjoyed spending time with my husband. We have had a couple of days where it is just us and it has been fun. Gotta get back on track with the plan we were using after we finished the financial peace university, paying all four walls, using cash only. Learning to be content staying home and cooking. I really don't like cooking but I like cooking more than feeling the way o have been feeling this past week. My stomach has been upset because of all the pre processed foods that I have been eating . It is amazing how soy can hurt you if you are allergic to it as I am.

No new years resolutions per se. I always break them anyway. Gonna go for little steps instead. Oh I do want to read more. Looking forward to that.

More later, not that anyone reads these. More just for me at this point.