Monday, January 2, 2012

New year

Second day of the new year and I really don't feel any different, maybe a little tired because I am apparently getting to old to stay up past my bedtime which as of late had been like 9 pm. I know sad huh. I have enjoyed spending time with my husband. We have had a couple of days where it is just us and it has been fun. Gotta get back on track with the plan we were using after we finished the financial peace university, paying all four walls, using cash only. Learning to be content staying home and cooking. I really don't like cooking but I like cooking more than feeling the way o have been feeling this past week. My stomach has been upset because of all the pre processed foods that I have been eating . It is amazing how soy can hurt you if you are allergic to it as I am.

No new years resolutions per se. I always break them anyway. Gonna go for little steps instead. Oh I do want to read more. Looking forward to that.

More later, not that anyone reads these. More just for me at this point.

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