Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday that feels like Monday

So I was sick on Saturday Jan 14, I was also sick on Jan 7. I hope that this isnt a pattern.
Matt and I went to Big Church on Sunday. Came home, I took Z's to his mom's house, came home. Hung out at home waiting for Matt to get home from work. Took off work Monday, just to take an extra day to feel better. It worked. After noon Matt and I got out and went to Northpark Mall to get an item for him. Low and behold the place was closed so we went home. hung out for a bit, ate "lunch" and then went for a walk to my Mom's house. She lives 2.2 miles away from us. It was so pretty yesterday. So Matt and I took a leisurly walk to and from my Mom's house. My feet hurt so bad last night. My ankles hurt this morning. So far today I am ok. No weird pain in my feet or legs. I must be getting used to exercise. This is a good thing. I need to start going back to the gym, I figured I could go on Saturday and Sunday while Matt is at work. I may even take a class, not real sure just yet. But even getting off my hiney and walking for at least an hour will help me out tremendously.

I was talking to my Mom last night at her house and told her that I had been sick the past two Saturday's and she told me that I might be starting to have gallbladder issues. I don't want to have gallbladder issues. My mom had her gall bladder out at about my age. My aunt was even younger. GREAT!!!

Can I tell you that I don't handle pain well at all. If I have to have my gall bladder out I will probably drive Matt bonkers with my whining.

Hoping that this little pattern of being sick is over. Especially since there was no fever or anything. No reason for being sick.

Going to a swim meet tonight for Z and J, it starts at 4 so Matt and I will probably miss Z's first event. Hopefully that is all we will miss.

Today at work has been rough. It seems that everything I do is wrong or just not exactly how she (my boss) would like it. Not sure why I let this get to me.

Sometimes I wish that I played the Lottery so I could win Millions and work temp jobs with no pressure, travel, be there for my kids and husband, but since I am to cheap to play the lottery guess it is working for me.

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