Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday 1/25/12

So my last post was about money and the opportunity that Z has been offered. Well we got another offer in Matt's email regarding Duke tip. This is an organization that Z has already had dealings with. This may be the opportunity God has for Z instead of the youth medicine forum.

I was also thinking we know physicians, maybe we should ask them if Z can shadow them?

So we all went to get our eyes checked yesterday (Tuesday 1/24/12), I can not imagine how much money my parents put out having three kids in glasses. Putting out almost $500 (with insurance people) for all three of us to get exams done and new glasses seems just super high. Thank God we had insurance or it would not have happened.

Going to the Wednesday night class that Pastor Rick is putting on, hopefully I am on time for it.

With me being out yesterday I probably should not have clocked out for lunch but I needed a break from work.

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