Monday, March 2, 2009

Exodus 17:1-7

Most of the time God's instructions are, at the time, wierd. In the beginning stages of the Israelites wandering they grumbled "at" Moses a second time, but in all reality the Israelites were grumbling against God. God was the one that brought the Israelites out of Egypt. This time they are grumbling about the fact that they have no water. We do the same thing, even when we see a miracle like the manna from Heaven every morning and for the extra provision on Saturday so no gathering was done on the Sabbath, and with the quail at the end of the day. God always provides exactly what we need when we need it.

Isn't God amazing.

The most difficult thing to hear from God is wait. I am going through that stage right now. With not having a job and dealing with some other situations in our family with decisions being made that don't look like the best decisions at the time. Being still and quiet and waiting on God is the most difficult thing I have to do. This is an important time for me in my life. Learning to wait on God's direction will get me in exactly the place I need to be for some situation that I do not know is coming. Understanding that the more time I spend in prayer and in the word will prepare me for that surprise (at least to me) in my life.

I thank God for this time of waiting. I pray that I can learn from this time and not get to frustrated about the waiting that is happening.

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