Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Genisis 8

Vs. 1 Makes me think that whoever wrote this book thought that they were forgotten in the Ark. Why else would they start this chapter out with " And God remembered Noah..." Maybe it wasn't Moses that wrote the first five books maybe it was Noah, or maybe the first five books had more than one writer. This we will never know.

When I first read about the raven being let out of the ark and it not coming back I was confused about why it did not come back to the ark. Then I remember reading or hearing someone say that ravens are scavengers so the raven probably found all kinds of dead carcases floating on the surface of the water. This raven ate like a king per se, no matter how gross we think it was. That is why Noah then sent out a dove. If the dove does not have a place to "set his foot" he will come back to where he knows a place to live is.

Pretty amazing how god creates animals and humans to react out of instinct.

vs 13. Noah and his family and all the animals were in the Ark for at least a year maybe just over. It was the 601 year, first month, on the first day of the month the waters were subsided. Can you imagine being cooped up in a boat with no windows for over a year with all kinds of animals. I could not imagine it at all.

In the second month of the 601rst year, on the 27th day the earth dried out. Then God told Noah to take his family and the animals out of the Ark. God commanded all of the living creatures to scatter and multiply to fill the earth. In verse 19 everything was sent out by families. Family is used to describe the animals as well the humans on the Ark. That is pretty cool.

God's covenant with Noah.

Noah built an altar to the Lord and sacrificed to the Lord. When God smelled the pleasing aroma of the burnt offering He said in his heart (which had to be told to whoever wrote this book because we can not read God's mind) that he would never again curse the ground because of Man, even though the intention of man's heart is evil from his youth. The Lord would never again strike down every living thing as He had done with the Flood.

People could take this verse and use it to question tsunamis that wipe out cultures and sections of the world and say that God did not keep his promise, but God always keeps his promise, just because one place was wiped clean by the tsunmi does not mean that all living creatures were wiped out. God always keeps his promises. Whether we believe it, or feel like a promise was not kept, it is our perception that makes us think that God did not keep his promise. I pray that I can keep my perception clear to understand that God keeps His promises.

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