Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9, 2009 Genisis 3

The Fall.
I wonder how much time had elapsed between the forming of the woman and the serpent coming to her to deceive her and have her eat of the fruit???

The first three verses people have read over and over again. I have a problem with a talking snake, I know that the other animals did not talk, so this had to be an indwelling of satan in this snake. So know why a snake? Secondly, I have heard people say that the snake came to the woman because she was weak. I think he came to the woman because he knew that she could sway the man to do the wrong thing if the snake made her think that it was ok. God told the man all of the instructions. So the snake played off of the fact that the man told the woman and not God. Now the woman added things to the rules that God set down. I am wondering why she did that. That is just a reminder that I need to be careful not to add things to the word of God. His word is perfect there is no need to alter it at all.

vs 4 and 5. the serpent knew exactly what was meant by "you will surely die". If the man had not eaten of the fruit they would still be alive today and in perfect fellowship with God. The latter is one thing the devil does not want. He does not want us to be in perfect fellowship with God. I also believe that the death was immediate, at least spiritually. The instant the fruit was eaten there was a feeling of separation. That feeling was obviously foreign to the man and the woman and probably a bit scary.

So apparently when the fruit was eaten not only was the realization that they were naked instant but also the knowledge of how to make coverings for themselves.

Vs. 8 the first time God "entered" the scene after the fruit incident. Reading this before you are a parent and after you are a parent of a child old enough to do something wrong, get caught at it and make excuses, you get two different reactions to this. I know before I was a parent I read this and thought, why don't they just come clean, the truth is always the best way to go. After reading this I pretty much have the same reaction except that children never think they should get in trouble for their actions. It is always some one elses fault. Even if you see them do it they will try to blame it on someone else. I think that just like a parent God just shakes his head at us and says if you would just take responisbility for your actions things would go a bit easier. It is not that the punishment does not come, it is just less severe. (our children have not learned that yet).

Vs 9, cracks me up. God knew where they were. This is the question where the man can accept responsibility for his actions. He fails.

vs 10-13. don't get me wrong the explanations that the man and woman were correct. But both of them had brains and they were capable of using their brains. They only had one rule to follow and they broke it.

vs 15, another reference to Jesus. Love it.

vs 20, the man named his wife, did God name the man Adam? this is the first mention of a name for either one so far.

vs 21. Where there is sin a sacrifice has to be made. This is the first sacrifice in the Bible. After this Meat was allowed to be eaten. Before it was just vegetation and fruits.

vs 24. The cherubim must have been a sight. Why was the cherubim only placed at the east of the garden. Was there only one way in and one way out? The sword turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life. That would have been awesome to see as well.

The things we will understand and see and hear when we get to Heaven. First and foremost Jesus. Love it.

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