Saturday, January 10, 2009

Genisis 10 January 10, 2009

Cain and Abel. Wonder how long it was between the kicking out of the garden and when Adam and Eve bore Cain.

Abel was a herder and Cain was a farmer.

Vs 3. Is the statement of the first offering from humans to God. Having a detailed description of how they came to learn about the offerings would be great to know. Did God tell Adam or did God tell all the boys at one time so they could learn and obey?

Why exactly did God favor one sacrifice/ offering over the other one.

Vs. 9 total lie, Cain did know where Abel was. Why would he say to God 'Am I my brothers keeper". Very strange response when you know exactly what you have done.

vs 10. God gave Cain the opportunity to confess what he did and when he did not God called him out on it.

vs 13 God told Cain that he would be a fugitive and wander the earth. Could this be the beginning of the nomadic tribes? What was the mark on Cain. I can not wait until Heaven to get this question answered. This one among many.

Adam and Eve had another son that is recorded. Enoch.

Lamech was the first person to take two wives. At least the first recorded person to have two wives.

Adam and Eve had another son, Seth.

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