Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deuteronomy 16

Today I read Deuteronomy 16.

The text was talking about the feasts... passover, feast of weeks etc... but there was one little phrase in every paragraph about the feasts..... each feast was to be done in a place where God chose, or where he tells you.

That really stuck out to me. It is not about what or where we want to be. It is all about where God wants us. Things will always be right when God tells you where to go,

This is an eye opening experience for me especially since one of my biggest questions to God is "where do you want me and my family?" ..... I have to just realize that when I need to know that information God will tell me.

So hard for someone to grasp when they want an ending to a plan so they know where they are going. That is where faith comes in.

The Israelites did not know where the feast were going to be held, and yet it seemed that they were ok with it.... at least this one time.....

These past few days have been awesome reading the scripture and really understanding something out of it and not reading it and then afterward wondering.... why did I read that. I don't think I understood anything that I read..

Reading something out of the Bible and actually gleaning something from it means that I am actually open to the Holy Spirit guiding me to have an open heart to learn what God would want me to learn from the passage.

That is an awesome feeling.

I hope everyone experiences that.

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