Saturday, July 19, 2008

1 Samuel 18

It is amazing how God's word works.

I had such a hard time last night being home by myself. I shouldn't have, because I am a big girl, but the more I thought about it even when I was single I was never really alone. I was either working two jobs or always with the singles group from church or with some friends from a Bible study I was going to. So me being alone, even for a few hours, at my house is new. And apparently I don't deal with being alone well.

This morning I read 1 Samuel 18, this chapter dealt with Sauls jealousy of David. Everything that
Saul had David do he excelled in. God had already anoited David king, Saul knew that, but apparently did not want to accept it. Saul tried to pin David to a wall several times with a spear while David played for him. (Saul had problems) But David just persevered and kept his eyes on God and what God had planned for his life.

I remember one thing from the life of David. He spent a lot of time by himself in the pastures tending the flocks praying/singing, and praising God. Now David did get discouraged because of Sauls behavior but he bounced back and basically got over the fact that Saul was treating him that way. But I think David also realized that God was not with Saul so how else was he supposed to act.

When you stop focusing on God and his plan for your life and start focusing on others and comparing yourself to them and their accomplishements to yours then jealousy will creep in and when jealousy is there God can not be there fully.

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