Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leviticus 9

I am reading about Joy....

Didn't think joy was found in Leviticus well it was. After all of the offerings that Aaron did for the Lord on the Altar, Aaron and Moses went into the tent of the Meeting. When they came out the Lord was pleased with their offering and consumed the offerings in front of the Israelites. When the whole assembly saw this they fell on their faces and shouted with joy.

This make me think. If we saw something like that would we react that way, or would we just take it into stride like everything else that seems to happen that could have been a miracle of God.

I think we take the miracles of God for granted. Science has explained away so much that we can justify anything that happens instead of just showing thanks and joy to our Lord and Maker for showing us a small glimpse of his glory.

My prayer is that we all somehow see a glimpse of God's glory and recognize it as such. I believe it will bless our lives.

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