Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23, 2008 Proverbs 23

vs 4 and 5 are very pertinent especially in this culture. If we wear our selves out trying to get rich we can not enjoy the people we encounter on the way. Money should help us live, we should not live to get money.

vs 12 is important for us all to remember. We need to be always turning our heart to instruction (God's) and turning our ears to words of knowledge. Not everyone that speaks is speaking truth or intelligently.

vs 13 and 14 It is important to discipline a child. It will only hurt their feelings for a minute. It will not bruise their character. It will build their character. Parents are not called to be their childrens friends while we are raising them. Friendship comes after they have grown up and gone out on their own.

The word of God is wonderful. There are some parts that may not make sense one day and register something deep the next. I love that.

Praying for friends and family this Holy Day season.

Hope you do the same.

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