Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I read about Lot's wife in the Bible but learned more about God's amazing grace and love for his children.

In the story God sent two angels to tell Abraham what they were going to do to the cities of the valley (Sodom and Gommorah) (Bad places). When Abraham found out he bargained with God to spare the city for several amounts of people all the way down to ten.

Well when the angels went to the city and met Lot at the gate and Lot insisted that they stay with him that night, because he knew what the men of the city were like. ( I wonder if they treated Lot that way when he first came to the city) Questions always more questions.

Ok sorry rabbit trail. So when I was reading this and the angels told Lot and his wife and his two daughters and the men that they were pleged to (from the city) ..... the math reveals only 6 people in the city that could have qualified in Abrahams bargaining with God.....

But the great thing about God is that even though the only conversation to Abraham was about saving the city God saved Lot and his family (except for the whole pillar of salt thing) (that is another blog). So even though the bargain that God made with Abraham did not get fulfilled becuase Sodom and Gomorrah were so wicked God still saved his children.

He did not have to warn Lot and his wife and daughters. The angels did not have to drag them out of town. They could have left them in the town to die with the others. But because God loves his children and knew the heart of all the people in the city he spared Lot and his family.

Once the family got to a certain distance away from the cities then God's wrath fell on the very wicked cities.

I am thankfull that God is willing to drag me out of places. But I am also thankfull that God is willing to let me suffer in certain places for me to learn to lean on Him wholly

Isn't God good.