Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bible Study

So I have this women of the Bible devotional book and I love it.

I have learned so much about God and his grace towards us.

This past week I was reading about Rebekah.

There are lots of similarites between Rebekah and Sarah.

For instance
They both married close relatives..... yes I know icky now but totally acceptable back then (not sure why it was acceptable then???)
They were both barren for a period of time in their marriage. Rebekah's barrenness was only for 20 years. Sarah's was much longer.
They both had a promise from God and instead of waiting on God to fulfill his promise they decided to stick their grubby little hands all in it and make it happen themselves before God's timing. This ends up being a HUGE problem in both of their lives. For Sarah it was having a child born to her maidservent that she had to watch grow up and get married and prosper all while not having the promised son. For Rebekah it was taking it upon her self to fulfill God's promise of the older serving the younger. She coerced her younger son Jacob to trick his father into believing he was Esau to get his blessing. Bad move on Rebekah's part. Once she did that Jacob had to leave because Esau was so mad at his brother (and not his mother) that he wanted to kill his brother (potentially another Cain and Abel incident) so Rebekah sent him away and never saw her youngest son again. Jacob was her favorite son (also something parents should not do........... have favorites, never a good idea.) Esau, Jacob and Isaac knew it.

God however, blesses his children repeatedly unlike in the times of Isaac and Abraham the father of the family only had a blessing for the oldest son. The other children just did not get blessed in that way.

Thank goodness God blesses his children over and over and over and over. Even though we don't deserve it and we stick our grubby little hands into everything God wants to bless us in.

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