Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finding my place

Ok so last week was kinda rough for me. I had been dealing with issues about my place in this family. Long story and something I really do not care to rehash again. So I was doing my devotions last week on the mother's (yes plural) of Moses. Some questions arose. One why am I reading this becasue technically I am not a mom and, unless God changes both Matt and My mind, I never will be a biological mom. I digress. I had a hard time reading this weeks devotion because I felt like it did not apply to me (again long story) so I wonder How Moses felt when he found out that he really had a different mom than the pharoahs daughter.

Then I was reading this morning in church that Jochebed (Moses' biological Mom) was his "nursemaid" for him until he grew up. So how old was he when he grew up.

Did he learn Hebrew and then have to learn Egyptian when he got to Pharoah's court to be taught as a prince.

Every time I read God's word I always have more questions.

Still trying to find my place.

Focusing on being my husbands wife. It is the only constant.

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