Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bible in 90 days

So I have been consistently reading through the Bible in 90 days. Some days are harder than others and I am probably missing things as I read anywhere from 8 to 15 chapters a day. After this is done I am going to have to keep making the reading of God's word a priority in my day. Maybe not as extensive as 8 to 15 chapters a day but something that will help me in my daily walk. Thank goodness for the You Version App on my Iphone and Ipad this way I can at least do some type of reading after this is over.

I realized during this challenge that I am really bad about praying. Maybe that needs to be my next mini goal to pray consistently for so many days. I know that is one of the ways God talks to us just have never been taught how to pray so I am self teaching at this point in my life both with both Bible study and prayer. There is probably a lot more that I need to learn I think God is starting on these two items first.

Although I am kind of afraid to ask God for anything because I know he will answer and I am not sure how ready I am to be radical. I know that sounds bad but I would rather be honest with my self and where I am than to make others think that I am all together and ready for everything when I am not.

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