Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut 12-14-12

So Facebook and news and probably Twitter have exploded today with updates regarding the shooting in Connecticut.

This shooting is so heartbreaking.... any shooting is really.... what was this young man going through that he felt the need to open fire on elementary students and teachers..... He apparently had lost all hope in his life and no one there to help him through it.

I can not imagine being the parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin, friend of the children and the adults that were shot this morning.  Such sadness that children should never have to experience....

But just remember God knew this was going to happen, this is not to take any thing away from the coverage of the tragedy..we just have to remember we are so small compared to God.....

Lots of thoughts running through my mind right now.. no answers just speculation.

Praying for the families that lost loved ones.. Christmas will forever be a hard time in their life...

I pray that the children that survived are not scared to go back to school, I pray that they can sleep well in time.. I pray the same thing for the adults.

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