Monday, January 6, 2014


So lately I have been very defeated about church. Now I know we are not supposed to go to church to make friends, but to learn about god and worship in a group setting.

So for December 2013 Matt and I were not able to go to church for one reason or another. We had started a new Sunday school class a couple months before so we we're fairly new.  The entire month of December no one .  I mean no one from the class called or sent an email ( yes the class had both our numbers and email addresses) we were able to go back to church this Sunday and it was ok I guess.

On Christmas Eve whew met to our Christmas Eve service. The day before (the 23rd) I was in an accident that totaled our van. Our only working car. Needless to say Christmas sucked. Thankfully we were able to use my parents car for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We got a rental car on Thursday morning. So back to Christmas Eve. Matt and I got to church just in time for the service to start   I was a little stiff from the wreck so Matt was trying to not have me walk all around the sanctuary looking for a seat. We walked past so many people that we knew that just looked at us. No one offered to let us sit with them. No one scooted over to offer us a seat. Looking back kinda how Mary and Joseph were treated he night Jesus was born. That night both Matt and I felt that we were totally not welcome at our home church.

So that Led me to another realization should you continue going to a church where you don't feel welcome just so you don't forsake the gathering. I don't know. We haven't stopped going to church there not yet at least. We are waiting for God to tell us or lead us where we need to go.


Hilary de Haan said...

I'm really sorry you've had this experience. We have been there as well. It's not fun. But, after a while, I didn't have time to notice or care because I was either involved in a ministry or just too busy juggling kids. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I know the Lord will give you guidance and I will pray you understand His plan loud and clear. Love you <3

Mrs.Gregory said...

Thank you very much. We have stuck it out. There is always times we will miss church. Lately it has been because Matt has not felt great and we had an event for Z that we needed to be at. So two weeks away from Church and no contact. Just have to keep on keeping on and God will make His plan evident.