Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Oh my word. Feeding a 17 year old athlete is CRAZY.

He is ALWAYS hungry... I don't mean once in a while and for a small snack. I mean starving for a full meal the bigger the better.

He is going to bankrupt us and Matt and I make to much money to get help with food stamps.   Not that food stamps would be a huge help but it would be a help. But that is ok. God has provided before and He will continue to provide.

He is really getting into DeMolay. He is loving it and he told us that he wanted to become a Mason in time. I guess that was the logical next step to DeMolay.

Matt and I went through D.A.D training (DeMolay Adviser Development). So now we can be official parent advisers for the Siloam Chapter. Going to be busy but worth it to be supportive of what Z is interested and excelling in.

I am going to have to figure out what my role as an adult in the Masonic Fraternity (and its subsidiaries i.e DeMolay).

As Parent Advisers we are there to just be adults, quiet when we need to be giving advice when we need to but the organization is youth led. We are not to take a leadership role but a support role when we are needed.

Lots of travel involved as well. It will give us time to be together. Maybe we can listen to books on CD, or learn something together on the car rides. But I guess we will see.

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