Monday, January 20, 2014

December 2013 and January 2014

Not all of the month just the last two weeks of December and so far in January.

So Christmas time is always rough in our house. Both Husband and I thing Christmas has become so commercial that people (kids and adults) don't celebrate the real reason for this season. So really no presents in December to speak of. We like to buy each other stuff through out the year for just because presents rather than people who run marketing firms telling us we have to buy for each other.

So on December 23 2013 I was heading home at my normal time from work. We had been allowed to leave early but I wanted to get somethings done since we were off on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (paid) (thank you PLS and PFJ), so I am driving home and it is about 5:30 and I am heading West on Reno Ave, I had just passed the Meridian intersection. Then it happened. Traffic started to stop. I stopped, the car behind me had to veer onto the shoulder and the guy behind him, hit us both. The guy in the truck spun the little silver car that was behind me into the culvert, then he plowed into me. He had to have been going 40.

Our van was totaled. I took pictures of it. I am still jumpy when I drive afraid I will get hit again. Husband hates it that I am so jumpy.

So Thankfully my parents live 2 miles from us. Husband called my mom, they came to get me.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day my parents let us use their car while we wait for our rental, which we got on December 26 (and our insurance paid for it for 30 days).

So from the time that the van was hit to the time we got our new (to us) van was three weeks.

That is AMAZING in insurance world.

The van that we got is older than the van that was totaled but we love it. It is cheaper than the van that was totaled and we have GPS, you know for all the trips we take. LOL.

We have to give the rental back on or before Friday the 24 of January 2014. I will be glad to see it go honestly even though it is an SUV it is just not our van.

So when the insurance settled with us we got more money than the loan. Thank Jesus.

This gave us a little extra "play" money, some went into savings and some went into getting me a sewing machine. I am beyond excited about the sewing machine. The one that I got is computerized, can do monogramming and I am so excited to really put it to use. Husband and my mom and I went shopping and got the sewing machine, patterns, fabric (and all the other extra stuff you need to sew). I have already sewed a bag and am in the process of sewing a skirt (the first of many).

So even though getting hit the day before Christmas Eve was a bummer, God made it a blessing in the form of a cheaper van (cheaper payment and interest rate), a new sewing machine, some in savings, and some other little extras that we were finally able to purchase.

All in All not such a bad start to the year,

Now if I could get me straight that would be FANTASTIC.

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