Tuesday, February 4, 2014

12 years a slave

So I finished listening to 12 Years a Slave today.

First off the early 1800's  really tick me off. I hate the fact that we went through a time of slavery. I hate the white people thought that other people (no matter what their color) were ok to be bought and sold and treated as harshly as the slaves were treated.

I have not seen the movie and I probably will never see the movie.

The book made me so angry I don't think I could see it

So a few thoughts about the book.

The man who wrote it was born and raised a free man in New York. When he was kidnapped (a word he used) he had a wife and three kids. His wife was also born and raised free.

The two men that kidnapped him and sold him into slavery were never prosecuted. Selling a freeman/freewoman into slavery was punishable by jail time (long jail time).

The racial issues that stemmed from slavery are stupid. If all of the people that claim to be Christians really went by the teachings of Jesus there would be no racism, there would have been no slavery. There would be no foster care system, the widows and orphans would be taken care of.

There are some books that just get under my skin, and this was one of them. I am glad that this gentleman was able to be freed once again.

You know something else that bothers me. There were some slave owners that would tell people that black people are just animals but then they would take advantage of their position as their "master" and owner to have sex with their slave women/girls. If they truly saw them as animals wouldn't the thought of having sex with them thoroughly disgusted them?


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