Saturday, August 9, 2014


So I am not sure if anyone reads this blog or not but I guess that does not matter.

I have decided to sell Scentsy again.

I love this product.

My husband can smell every smell and not get a migraine. My mom can smell every smell and not aggravate her asthma.

I love how the wax does not get hot enough to burn your fingers. I love how it is as safe for your house as it is for your kids.

I love how they have stuffed animals for kiddos that you can put scent paks in.

I love how the warmers are for everyone. Everyone can find something that they like or love.

I do not love though how I cannot seem to get anyone to purchase from me.

I have to get over the fact that it is me that they I guess feel turned off from. Maybe I am just approaching the wrong people?

I am also not bold. I am not a sales person even if I love the product. I do not like to feel pushy. If someone says no then the answer is no. Not the best tactic to take for a sales position.

I know that I plan on doing fundraisers for people, my sons DeMolay group fist off, but I will be available for the Rainbow/Job's Daughter's/Eastern Star as well as Masons or other businesses.

I can also do office parties, home parties, and internet parties.

I just know that if my business is going to grow I have to be more bold.

That is something that I know has to come from God. Because I am NOT bold.

I have also felt that I should use at least a portion of my earnings from the sales of product (except from fundraisers all of my proceeds from fundraisers go to the person or organization the fundraiser is for). I feel like the funds that I get could be used for Ministry. There are times when our church needs things for the adoption ministry. I feel a tug to give and to help but then remember that if I use the money for that then I will not have the money for something else. Sometimes it is for a bill but other times it is just because I like having the money in our bank account. I should always follow my heart and give when I feel like I should.

Doing that would make me bold.

Just in case anyone is reading this blog and wants some Scentsy (which is a wickless candle system that melts wax in super cute warmers and with a low watt lighbutlb) You can go to

I appreciate it and the people you in turn help appreciate it.

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