Friday, December 19, 2014


I have never thought that anyone would want to hear anything about my life or my day or about me. It may be my low self esteem. I know that I am important at least I tell myself that and try to believe it.

So for me to even want to blog and share even the slightest bit of my day and think people would find it interesting enough to read seems strange to me.

But if It helps me then I guess it can't be to bad to do a blog post a day recapping what happened.

Today, Friday Dec 19, 2014, was a LONG  day at work. Some of my coworkers are exhausting.

One coworker is new so I am trying to be patient with her lack of knowledge about the computer, sending emails, saving files (pdf etc) and doing anything in Excell.

Another coworker pretty much plays on the internet or her phone all day long and then complains around 4 that she is so far behind and has so much to do and then stays an extra half hour at the end of the day, when she had plenty of time during the day to finish her work.

I finished my work before 1:00 today. I took a full hour lunch, and left on time from work.

The fourth co worker works just as hard as I do. Gets all of her work done. Understands her job pitches in when needed and is just a great person.

we are at the new building and I am no longer sitting in the corner in front of a window. There are people all around me now. People talking to each other and not to me. I get IM's every once in a while. but that is pretty much it.

I was asked today by the new coworker why I was still at the company because of my degree, knowledge and work ethic. actually she asked all three of us.

the playing coworker puts on a good show around people saying what she thinks she wants people to hear but then we feel that she would go and tell others what was discussed. I try not to talk around that co worker especially things I don't want others to know.

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