Thursday, January 7, 2010

feeling a sense of discontentment

Not sure if I really like this whole idea of blogging to just let anyone read the issues that I am going through especially if the people reading it (if anyone) are not really in my life. But I guess any prayers sent up are honored if the person is righteous. (you know the prayer of the righteous availith much).

So I am trying not to be ungrateful about my job but it feels lately like I am being babysat at work. Phone calls are being monitored, emails are being monitored. I am not a working adult that needs to be watched over to make sure that I am working.

I know that I can find all the answers in the Bible and throught prayer but I feel very unsure of everything right now.

I need to start reading the Bible daily and spending all of my extra time in prayer. This feeling is not a settling feeling.

Do you ever feel like there is something more? That is what I am feeling right now.

Will lean on God for the answer and will try my hardest to fight the urge to move with out the guidance and direction from the Father first.

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