Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 2011

So between me being sick and Matt being exhausted and not knowing why February has not been super. The first storm brought at least 10 inches of snow in one day so that kept people in side for two days. The second storm kept some people in for one day.

Matt got out and tood me to work Monday- Wednesday. I am starting to get some energy again so Matt and I were out on Saturday for a while then Sunday Morning and then now Matt is in bed exhausted and he is not sure why he is so tired. I am getting so tired of never knowing when Matt is going to feel good or if he is going to be in bed with a migraine or down for three days. Just not sure if people really realize what happens when a spouse is disabled or has a medical condition that affects their way of life.

I believe God spoke to me this morning basically that I need to be content with Matt's situation. That is so hard but I need to trust God in this. I need to really test my faith in this matter.

It just isn't fair I am tired of crying over stuff like this. I believe that this is what I am supposed to be learning. Be Still, wait on God to speak. He will speak it will just be in a still small voice.

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