Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers day

So fathers day was un eventful. Matt wax at work ( yes work) more on that in a diff blog post. I told him happy fathers day before I left for church, fixed him dinner that night when he got home.

Got a text from him regarding Fathers day and the fact that neither child told him happy fathers day. My husband is (in my opinion) the best father he kids could have. He dis not deserve to be forgotten on this day. I wish I had had more money to get him something he really wanted. But alas I could not.

There are other issues regarding his family that added to this frustration.

I am just having to pray that the children will see how bad this hurts their daddy.

I Also have to try not to think about the fact that it seems the son admires the step father more than his biological father. I have to pray that Matt will cling to his heavenly father to fill any void that might be there from the son and the times that the don would rather be away from his dad.

Just kills me that Mart had to go through this. It is times like these that I want to have a child with Matt so he could feel the love of a child the way that his two do not express to him.

Ok enough of that. Just pray for Matt, and the kids and me.

Thank you

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