Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was relaxing..  We sold our Nissan back to Car Max, where we bought it. This enabled us to go shopping over the weekend. I have to tell you we did not save any of it. but you know that is ok because this money was not in our budget. I finally got my iPad that I have wanted for over a year. Matt made me buy some things I needed because I wont do it by my self. and I got some cute clothes as well. I feel like the majority of the money we got for the car was spent on me and I actually hate that because there is always someone more deserving of the money or I could buy cute things for my friends or family. I have to tell you I do not regret buying my iPad. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I also do not regret buying the clothes or the underthings that Matt made me buy. The only thing I do regret is that one of the things (clothes) that I wanted to buy somehow did not make it to the check out. That kinda bums me out but you know it is just clothing.

we looked up a drivers education school to enroll Z in and I am glad that we have some of the money left so we wont have to use any of our budgeted money for the drivers ed. Ok so now for my freak out moment, I AM NOT READY FOR HIM TO BE DRIVING!!!!!! ok I am better. Z driving is a good thing it just means that he is growing up and pretty soon he will be out of our house. It is a really good thing that Matt and I love spending time together and that we get several days throught out the week to enjoy each others company.

Since we no longer have to put money out for the car payment, our house payment went down our gas (for the car ) will go down as well and we will start figuring out what to do with the money first. You know like should we put the money in savings first or start chunking that money on our second mortgage and that horrible thing paid off more quickly. That is something that Matt and I have to decide. but you know just having that "extra" money each month is such a relief.

Ok so saying all that I will sum up by saying that I am deeply grateful for Matt to "give up" spending a lot of money on himself in order to let me have what I want and somethings I need. He is the best husband, friend, supporter that I could hav ever asked for.  I LOVE HIM!!!!!

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